Elden Ring is a game where you are forced to flee from the oncoming horde of Tree Sentinels. These enemies have an extremely powerful attack, one that will kill your character in mere seconds if they hit you with it. If this sounds too hard for you, fear not! This guide will teach how to beat the Tree Sentinel and live to fight another day (or more likely die by getting caught off guard).

Elden Ring: How to Beat The Tree Sentinel

Elden Ring is proving to be a challenging game for many players. There are a TON of different bosses to fight throughout the game, each with its own set of abilities and strengths.

The dreadful Tree Sentinel is one of the game’s first monsters, and its purpose is to remind players how little and unimportant they are in the Lands Between. If you’ve been courageous or dumb enough to confront him, you’ve probably ran into some complications.

Don’t worry, we’ll assist you in bringing him to his knees and earning his one-of-a-kind weapon, the Golden Halberd. If you missed him the first time you came through, don’t worry; we’ll make sure to remind you where he is.

In Elden Ring, Defeating The Tree Sentenial

Let’s get right into this guide on how to defeat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring immediately, without further ado!

Where can I look for him?

20220404192428_1-1024x576 Elden Ring Map Screenshot Image courtesy of Koby Gibson Ross / HGG through FromSoftware

The Tree Sentinel is one of the game’s first bosses, appearing almost directly outside the instructional section. He may be seen patrolling the region shown on the map above, particularly the skull symbol I put in the map’s center.

This armored knight isn’t tucked away in a dungeon or subterranean tomb, but rather stands out in the open. He’s not a tough supervisor to overlook. He’s mounted on a golden-colored horse and wielding a big halberd in his hands. All you have to do to start the battle is walk up to him and his health meter will show.

How Can I Easily Defeat Him?

20220401112038_1-1024x576 How to Beat The Tree Sentinel Image courtesy of Koby Gibson Ross / HGG through FromSoftware

Lighting is one of the most effective damage kinds against the Tree Sentinal. He’s immune to other sorts of damage, so if you have one, switch to a weapon that utilizes lightning.

During the initial phase, the Tree Sentinal will often use charge attacks to assault you. When he’s a long distance away, he’ll typically dash at you and swing his weapon down at you. He’ll often back away so he may charge at you with the same strike. You have the option of rolling towards him or jumping over each stroke. I like to hop over them since I can strike him with an easy hit by pressing the attack button.

If you stand too close to him, he will rapidly swipe at you with his horse, so maintain your distance while you aren’t actively battling him. He also has a leap move in which he slams his shield down to do damage in an AoE, although this doesn’t occur until later in the fight.

After standing on the groundworks for the first half, you’ll wish to mount your horse for the second part. Your character will run ahead if you press Alt on a PC (or B/Square on a gamepad). You may rush at him and hit him once as you pass. You can sprint by him without being struck since his assaults are sluggish enough. Simply battle him as though you’re both in a jousting contest, and you’ll finally wear out his health to zero!

Participate in The High Ground!

This finishes our guide to defeating the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring! Is it true that you’ve finally defeated the Tree Sentenial? Are you still fixated on him? Please let us know what you want assistance with in the comments section below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you beat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring?

A: The Tree Sentinel can be beaten by using an item called the Canoe. It is a small boat that you use to paddle through the watery sections of Elden Ring and reach areas unreachable with your sword beams. You also need to make sure your shield meter isnt too low, as it will decrease when in water, so keep an eye on it!

How do you beat the tree Sentinel?

A: This is a tough boss that requires strategy and good timing. You need to understand its movements before you can take it down, so the best way for me to help with this encounter would be by giving you some tips on how to beat him. The first thing I suggest is trying not too make your hits too hard- he has been known to punish players who have tried hitting him 10 times in a row without stopping, just because they didnt realize his weakspot was closer than their own head!

How do you beat draconic tree Sentinel?

A: You can use the flowing water spell to hit him from behind.

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