Elden Ring is a procedurally generated RPG game. Players begin their adventure in the land of Atrium, where they encounter an ancient Guardian Golem that must be defeated to enter the deep forest. The golem will not easily fall prey to your sword and might require some more unusual tactics such as patience or guile before you can overcome it!.

Elden Ring: How to Beat The Guardian Golem

Elden Ring, which was released little over a month ago, has wowed the gaming industry with its complex open world, great gameplay, and tremendously challenging boss battles. The Guardian Golem is one such boss battle that you may not have encountered yet on your trek across the Lands Between.

And if you’ve come across him, you’ve probably had a lot of trouble bringing him down. If you don’t know what his vulnerabilities are or don’t have a plan for dealing with him, he may be tough to deal with. That’s why, in this guide to beating the Guardian Golem in Elden Ring, I’ll show you just how to fight him.

How to Defeat the Golem of the Guardian

And now, without any further delays, here’s our walkthrough on How to Defeat the Golem of the Guardian in Elden Ring!

What is the location of the Guardian Golem?

20220325135537_1-1-1024x576 Highroad Cave Map Screen Shot Image courtesy of Koby Gibson Ross / HGG through FromSoftware

The Guardian Golem is a side-boss that may be discovered at the end of the Highroad Cave as an optional side-boss. This place lies in Limgrave, in the northern section of the Stormhill area.

When you get to the bridge marked on the map, jump off and go north along the river until you find the entrance. Inside, gently descend the sinkholes that lead to the lowest floors. Remember to bring a torch! Continue on until you reach a large open space with multiple waterfalls.

This is a very difficult section of the cave to explore, with a lot of platforming and little room for error. There are various places in this region where you may die by falling! As a result, be cautious while leaping from one location to the next. Use your torch to illuminate the dark places, as there are various foes lurking nearby, ready to attack.

Fighting bats along the way, follow the trail to the left until you reach one of the waterfalls. You may collect some items in the cave to the left, but you must go right and descend down the waterfall to continue. DO NOT LEAVE THE PLANE. Once you’ve landed, climb up a nearby pillar and make your way to the cave’s center. Defeat a few more bats before heading northeast and undertaking some more platforming.

There will be several attackers in the following chamber, but you may safely stroll through them. On the top right side of this cave lies another cave. Continue on until you reach another waterfall and then turn around. As with the last waterfall, go over the edge and follow the trail until you reach the boss’s arena.

How Do You Easily Defeat Him?

20220325135413_1-1-1024x576 Beat the Guardian Golem Easily Image courtesy of Koby Gibson Ross / HGG through FromSoftware

This is a huge monster with a lot of HP, but don’t be fooled by his bulk. As the saying goes, the larger they are, the harder they fall. Because the Guardian Golem is highly immune to all physical strikes, you should avoid utilizing melee weapons if at all possible. Because he is vulnerable to magic, use whatever magic-based weaponry you have.

The next step is to dash at him and grab one of his legs. Begin assaulting one of them (not both) with all your might. He’ll tumble down and rest on his torso after a few blows, allowing you to score a critical hit on him!

If you use ranged strikes, you may retain your distance by aiming for one of his legs while keeping as far away from him as possible. If you must approach near to him, you may simply roll past his strikes, making him a rather simple boss to defend against.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to beat Golem elden ring?

A: You will have to learn how the game works and find out.

How to get to Guardian Golem elden ring?

A: The Guardian Golem Elden Ring is a treasure located in the Shrine of Storms. It is at the top of an Ancient Grove, which can be found by progressing through the Shrines main questline.

How do you defeat a Golem?

A: You cant, but you should be able to dodge an attack from it.

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