The Elden Ring is a fantasy game world, the first of its kind. It’s open-ended to allow players to create their own stories with over 700 pre-generated quests and thousands of hours of content. With no single end goal or overarching story, The Elder Scrolls Online provides infinite possibilities for people looking for an immersive adventure without any boundaries. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends in public dungeons if offers tons of fun and exploration but also has a strong Christian message that invites players into personal reflection on faith as well

The “elden ring church of inhibition invader” is a location in the game Elden Ring. The location is where the player’s character was taken by an unknown entity to be interrogated.

Elden Ring Church of Inhibition Location

The Church of Inhibition is a site that could be a little tough to spot in Elden Ring, whether you’re fulfilling a quest for Hyetta or seeking for the Finger Maiden set. The Church is now a destroyed ruin, covered with rubbish, and there is hardly no one around. However, despite its location at the top of a hill, numerous gamers are having difficulty accessing it. There is a precise path that you must follow from a specific settlement, but just be aware that there are a few tasks you must complete before approaching the Church of Inhibition.

In Elden Ring, where can you find the Church of Inhibition?

elden-ring-rock-formation-map-location-minor-erdtree-640x360Elden Ring Where to Find the Church of Inhibition

The Church of Inhibition is located north of the Frenzied Flame Village in the Liurnia of the Lakes area. You should be able to stroll up to the church fragments at the end of the road. There are, however, a few things to take in mind before coming here. You’ll almost certainly come across some foes, so walk carefully if you must.

Starting at the Uld Palace Ruins is the key. Continue west until you reach a cliff with well-placed platforms for you to leap out of. When leaping between platforms, use your horse to give you that additional distance. Once you’ve reached the bottom, ride north on the Bellum Highway. Continue north until you reach the massive aperture that allows you to glimpse more of the Minor Erdtree of Liurnia Northeast. If your journey has taken you somewhere else, start your quest from the Mausoleum Compound grace point and go north. Then go east to reach the highest plateau possible. A rock formation will be visible from there, which you will have to climb.

You’ll proceed southward to climb up a hill after you reach this place, regardless of how you arrived. However, keep an eye out for a Frenzy-Flaming Tower that stands in your path. The more you come into view with it, the more these flaming buildings might cause Madness in you. It’s nearly like Sauron’s flaming eye from The Lord of the Rings (Barad-dûr for the uninitiated), when contact with Sauron’s fiery eye causes enormous terror in Frodo Baggins. If you want to proceed directly to the Church of Inhibition, stay in the shadows behind rocks and other similar terrain formations to avoid the Tower’s line of sight. You’ll have a Madness meter that shows how acute the Tower’s glaring power is. As soon as it begins to fill up, dive for cover until the meter runs out.

How to Put an End to the Tower’s Frenzy

elden-ring-frenzy-flaming-tower-map-location-640x360Elden Ring How to Stop Frenzy Flaming Tower

You may truly disable the Tower for the brave and daring. All you have to do now is sneak up to the Tower’s base while avoiding the Tower’s direct line of sight. There will be a few rats within the Tower, which may be swiftly dispatched or ignored if you race up the ladder. Climb to the highest top of the mountain, where you’ll find lecturing clerics who worship the Madness. While the Tower’s Madness may somewhat increase your meter, removing these priests will not be a problem. It just takes a handful of hits to take them out; once they’re dead, the Madness spell will miraculously vanish, allowing you to freely traverse the area.

You’re nearly at the church after you’ve finished playing hide-and-seek with the Tower. But the problems don’t stop there. A Festering Fingerprint Vyke will attack you when you first arrive in the Church of Inhibition. This crimson foe wields a spear and dodges with dexterity. He’s adamant about his piercing strikes, and if you allow him a free window, he won’t hesitate to heal himself. To guarantee that your plundering at the church isn’t disrupted, it’s best to engage with him. He’s also capable of casting a Madness spell, so take him down quickly. And while you’re at it, grab his item drops: Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Fingerprint Grape, and Vyke’s War Spear. If you’re going to the church, you should definitely get them.

A Sacred Tear and the whole Finger Maiden set may be found within the ruined Church of Inhibition. The Fillet, Robe, and Shoes are all part of this set, and they may improve Vitality and Focus resistances significantly. There will be no more opponents coming at you here; just activate the Site of Grace and you’ll be OK.

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The “elden ring church of inhibition madness” is a location in Elden Ring. The church, which is located on the main street, was built by James Hargreaves and was designed to look like a medieval church.

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