Diablo fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Diablo Immortal this summer, which is set to be released on iPhone and iPad for $14.99 USD (or equivalent). Spearheaded by game developer Blizzard Entertainment, this new mobile title promises to be a faithful adaptation of their classic PC games with novel features such as co-op multiplayer gameplay that seamlessly integrates between home console and mobile titles

The “diablo immortal release date” is a rumor that has been swirling for a while. The game will open pre-registrations on the App Store as June 30 launch rumors swirl.

Diablo Immortal opens pre-registrations on the App Store as June 30 launch rumors swirl


Pre-registrations for Diablo Immortal were made available on the App Store this week, after a similar strategy used on Google Play earlier this year. There’s also an extra benefit to joining the pre-registration horde. Every pre-registered account will get a Horadrim cosmetic set upon launch if at least 30 million individuals join up.

Diablo Immortal was originally shown to a skeptic audience at BlizzCon 2018. This spawned the now-famous “Don’t you have phones?” meme, which is still amusing to use at gatherings now and then. However, interest in a pocket Diablo has grown since then, and you can bet that Blizzard is betting big that this will be a great smash for the studio this year.

If you’re just getting started with Diablo Immortal, Apple provides a helpful introduction on its website.

So when could this collaborative ARPG between Blizzard and NetEase be coming to a mobile device in your pocket? While a launch date isn’t officially confirmed yet, sharp eyes spotted a “June 30th” date attached to the title on the App Store.

Prepare to face Hell in style.

Pre-register now to have access to limited-edition cosmetics when the store opens.

🔥 https://t.co/7mbrgXguyW pic.twitter.com/dhuxTwTGL9

— Diablo Immortal (@DiabloImmortal) March 28, 2022


The “diablo immortal requirements” is a game that has been released on the iOS App Store. It will be available for pre-registration on June 30th, with rumors swirling about when it will launch.

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