Destiny 2 players are looking for a way to get the Lucent Moth armor set. One of Destiny’s most coveted sets is only available via drops, and Bungie doesn’t share it with us. I’ve found all six locations where you can find this rare drop!

The “destiny 2 lucent moth locations” is a location for the Lucent Moth in Destiny 2. The location is found on the top of the tallest spire, which can be reached by jumping from the ledge to your right.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: All Lucent Moth Locations

It might be tough to know where to begin with The Witch Queen since there is so much to do and discover. The Legendary Campaign, a bevy of weapons to build, new Exotics to unlock, and, of course, The Vow of the Disciple Raid are all available. Many of these mysteries and unlockables have their origins in Savathun’s Throne World, including indications of strange-looking Lucent Moths.

What do these Lucent Moths look like? What is their significance? What’s the best place to look for them? We’ll answer all of your questions and show you how to find those bothersome bugs step by step.

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In Destiny 2, what are Lucent Moths?

IMG_6567-1024x576 In Destiny 2, what are Lucent Moths? Bungie courtesy of HGG

Lucent Moths are a kind of collectable that can only be found in the Throne World. They look a lot like the Penguins that appeared in Beyond Light. They’re strewn over the patrol zone, have no task attached to them, and you’re just given suggestions as to where they’re located. 

Once you’ve located them, return to Fynch, your new turncoat Hive Ghost buddy, and enter the cave to his right. There will be random pieces of paper (which will really tell you the approximate area) on which you may put your newfound illuminated pals. 

What Is the Number of Lucent Moths?

There are presently ten Lucent Moths available to find as of the release of The Witch Queen. Not all of them were accessible in the beginning. You had to wait a week after the primary expansion was launched for two more to be released. After more than five weeks, you now have the opportunity to locate and gather all ten in whatever order you like.

What are the locations of all ten Lucent Moths?

As previously stated, the pieces of paper in the cave near Fynch may be used to determine the approximate position of each Lucent Moth. While some of these are simple to find, others might be time consuming or require you to participate in specialized activities. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to identifying each Lucent Moth site to help you get started.

1. Location of the Quagmire Lucent Moth

IMG_6491-1024x576 Quagmire Moth Bungie courtesy of HGG

In Savathun’s Throne World, the first Lucent Moth may be found near to the spawn place. Look for a cave that opens up naturally along your route as you approach the Extraction Lost Sector. The Lucent Moth will be trapped behind a shield in the top left corner, and a Hive Wizard, as well as a few other adversaries, will spawn in. If you defeat them, the shield will fall and you’ll be able to collect your Moth.

2. Attractive Lucent Moth Curtain Location

Although this is the third Lucent Moth, it is on your route to the Apothecary Moth’s location, so you should get it first. Enter the main Throne World keep and immediately take the walkway to the right that winds around the building. 

Follow this pretty straight road toward the Apothecary until you reach a big courtyard with a Hive Wizard called Ir Olena the Moth Keeper. If you defeat this Wizard, you will get your Moth right away.

3. Location of the Apothecary Lucent Moth

IMG_6570-1024x576 Apothecary Bungie courtesy of HGG

Use the Deepsight Node to the left after beating Ir Olena to discover platforms that you used for the “Last Chance” objective. You’ll ultimately reach the Apothecary if you stay on this way. Ascend the twisting path until you reach the outer wall, which is flanked on both sides by two bunkers.

Follow the path to the far side of the bunker, where you’ll find five destructible runes. When you take them out, you’ll see the Moth sitting on the stairwell. 

4. Location of the Temple of the Wrathful Lucent Moth

IMG_6563-1024x576 Temple of the Wrathful Bungie courtesy of HGG

On your way to the next Lucent Moth, you may pick up this one. To begin, go straight out of Fynch into the open cave region in the Quagmire, where a Public Event will spawn. To your left, you’ll find a fissure that will lead you farther beneath to the Temple of the Wrathful. 

Destroy as many miasmic lamps as you need to light your way until you reach an open area with Scorn and a door to the right. When you enter the portal, you’ll be greeted with additional Scorn and a veiled Lucent Moth resting atop a rock. Take out all of them and get your reward.

5. Location of the Temple of the Cunning Lucent Moth

IMG_6560-1024x576 Temple of the Cunning Bungie courtesy of HGG

Turn left after obtaining the Temple of the Wrathful Moth and follow the route that encircle the center tower. Continue pursuing it until you reach a vast chamber with a massive plate propped up in the middle. The Lucent Moth will be perched on one of the pillars in front of it.

Miasma Lucent Moth’s Habitat

IMG_6558-1024x576 Miasma Lucent Moth Location Bungie courtesy of HGG

Because it’s sitting out out in the open, this Lucent Moth must have been doing some sightseeing. So, from the spawn location, take the left route to the Miasma, passing by the real name on the map. Look locate the damaged tower, go beyond it, and begin inspecting the neighboring huge trees. The Lucent Moth will be sitting on one of the branches. You should be able to reach it in another one or two hops if you jump up on the trunk.

Location of the Witch’s Echo Lucent Moth

IMG_6556-1024x576 Witch’s Echo Bungie courtesy of HGG

You’ll need to wander into the cave system below, so stay in the Miasma for this one. Inside the shattered tower, look to the left for an underground entryway. Continue down the cave’s passage, remaining to the left and avoiding the doorway. You’ll soon come upon a semi-open chamber with a smaller room to the left, where Scorn may be found.

Kill them and search the right side of the room for the Deepsight node. When you activate it, you’ll notice the Lucent Moth sitting in a collapsed door on the left-hand side, between two Hive canisters. 

8. Location of the Florescent Canal Lucent Moth

IMG_6555-1024x576 Florescent Canal Bungie courtesy of HGG

This one is quite straightforward; all you have to do is go all the way over to the Florescent Canal. Look for the Thrall sculptures and lowers in the fountain, and you’ll notice the Moth circling them on a plate. Track it down and get it.

9. Lucent Moth of the Court of Thorns

IMG_6553-1024x576 Court of Thorns Bungie courtesy of HGG

When Patrolling, this is one of the few Moths that is difficult to find. You’re better off doing the Wellspring activity instead. You’ll need to pay attention to the direction you need to go to discover it since this assignment rotates the map based on whether you’re assaulting or defending.

While defending, search for the Moth in the hands of a Hive statue in the chamber to your immediate left. If you’re assaulting, wait until you get to the finish and then return to the same chamber, which is now on your right. To get this one, you’ll have to leap on top of the statue in either situation.

10. Reflection Altars Location of the Lucent Moth

IMG_6569-1024x576 Altars of Reflection Lucent Moth Bungie courtesy of HGG

By completing the randomized Altar of Reflection quest that appears on your map, you may get the last Lucent Moth. You must go until you reach the final boss fight, which takes place in a big chamber with many platforms to your right and left.

On the balcony to your right, you’ll find the Deepsight node you’ll need to activate. This will produce platforms that lead to the Moth, who sits just above the entrance you entered. Jump over these platforms till you reach the one in front of you and pick it up.

Why do you want to collect all of the Lucent Moths?

“Why should I gather all of these Lucent Moths?” you may be thinking. There’s no defined mission, no evident prize, and tracking them all down takes a long time. While the benefits may not be immediately apparent, there are a few early and late-game advantages to be aware of. Why should you acquire all ten Lucent Moths?

Completion of the Lepidopterist Triumph is required.

IMG_6552-1024x576 Completion of the Lepidopterist Triumph is required. Bungie courtesy of HGG

The simplest benefit is that you’ll collect all of the Lucent Tales book pages and Completion of the Lepidopterist Triumph is required.. This will provide you with additional lore insights with unique, almost poetic stories related to different background characters.

Completing this Triumph will also get you closer to completing The Witch Queen’s Gumshoe Seal. If you wish to unlock the entire seal and be able to equip a title related with the expansion, you’ll need to do this. This is more about bragging rights than anything else, but it’s worth pursuing as you clean up the expansion’s various areas.

It’s all a part of the Seasonal Challenge.

IMG_6566-1024x576 Seasonal Challenges Screen Shot Bungie courtesy of HGG

In addition, if you capture at least three Lucent Moths, you’ll have completed half of the Rippling Wings Seasonal Challenge. Destroy three Darkness Rifts to complete this task and get a significant amount of experience.

Fynch Can Help You Build Your Reputation

IMG_6568-1024x576 Fynch Can Help You Build Your Reputation Bungie courtesy of HGG

When it comes to gaining experience, there’s an advantage to gathering these Lucent Moths sooner rather than later. This is owing to the enormous quantity of experience you’ll get once only one Moth is placed. With Fynch, you can collect so much reputation that even at Rank 17, you can gain almost a complete level with only one Moth. 

This is useful for either slogging through early rep levels to unlock certain Perks or waiting until the final few levels to knock them out with only a few Moths.

Be a part of the High Ground

While gathering Lucent Moths may not seem to be necessary at first glance, there are several advantages that make these short journeys worthwhile. With this instructions in hand, you may be able to do it in under an hour. Collecting them all will bring you one step closer to the coveted Triumph, as well as the Witch Queen title to brag about.

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Have fun gaming!

Further Reading

The “lucent moths” can be found in Destiny 2. They are a type of collectible that is worth 50,000 Glimmer each.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Lucent moths are there?

A: There are about 10,000 Lucent moths in the world.

Where can I find Lucent hive?

A: The best way to find Lucent hive is through the journal on your map. It will tell you where each ability node and boss level are located. You’ll also need a key, which can be found in chests throughout the game.

Where do you get moths in Destiny 2?

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