Every week, players’ profiles are awarded with a series of Emblems, which contain the best rewards for your particular playstyle. They’re called “Glaives” because they look like glaives-long swords that Guardians can equip in Destiny 2’s Crucible multiplayer mode. With these new Glaives come new ways to approach combat and earn better loot drops-but how do you actually rank up? We’ll show you what’s involved on a step by step basis!.

The “witch queen” is the final boss of the raid on Titan. It’s a four-phase fight that can be quite challenging for players. This guide will cover everything you need to know about how to beat her, including tips and tricks.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen All Glaives Ranked and Explained

The Witch Queen brought a slew of major modifications to Destiny 2. The first redesign of a light-based Subclass was introduced in Void 3.0, weapon crafting flipped God Roll pursuits on their head, and a new weapon type, Glaives, may change how players approach gunplay. 

In Destiny 2, the introduction of a new weapon type is a thrilling but uncommon occurrence. With such a diverse arsenal of weaponry currently available, anything new is sure to throw the game into disarray. 

Glaives may turn out to be one of the most intriguing and meta-altering weapons in recent memory. So, what distinguishes this new weapon type from others? What are the steps to unlocking them, and how many are there? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Glaives.

In Destiny 2, what are Glaives?

glaives-1024x576 glaives-1024x576 Bungie (photo)

The Glaive is a ranged/melee hybrid weapon that presently resides in your Special Weapon slot. You run with this weapon totally in the first person, unlike random weapon pickups like the Scorch Cannon or Hammer from Season of the Chosen. 

It has defensive qualities in addition to being a hybrid weapon. When you aim down sights, you’ll activate a shield that can withstand almost any harm that strikes it square in the face. This will quickly deplete as you use it, but it will replenish after successful ranged strikes.

What’s the Best Way to Get Your First Glaive?

It’s really simple to get your first Glaive, and it’s all part of The Witch Queen campaign. All you have to do now is finish the first campaign assignment to get admission to the Enclave. This guide will lead you through the process of making your own Legendary Glaive and introduce you to weapon forging.

In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, all Glaives are ranked.

It is possible to construct every Glaive presently in the game. They may be unlocked in a variety of ways, and the majority of them will drop from certain actions. So, which Glaives are worth spending hours upgrading and Reshaping with various Perks? Let’s rate them and see what we can learn.

1. The Ruin of Lubrae

IMG_6543-1024x576 IMG_6543-1024x576 Bungie (photo) via HGG

A glaive plucked from the depths of the abyss

The most unexpected drop from the Vow of the Disciple Raid is Lubrae’s Ruin. Based on how it looks and performs, the Exotic Glaive should have been included with this expansion. The Enigma’s basic stats aren’t all that different. What changes can be made to make this Glaive more effective from mid-to-long range with a little reduction in range in return for faster reloading and aim assist? 

The accessible Perks that you may roll and construct are what makes it distinct. These are very well-rounded, making it simple to concentrate on PvP or PvE builds. Graverobber and Swashbuckler, Immovable Object and Unstoppable Force, and Graverobber and Vorpal, for example, are all unexpectedly more beneficial on this Glaive. The main disadvantage of this weapon is that it is tough to unlock at first, and unlocking the Pattern is a complete grind.

How to Gain Access to Lubrae’s Ruin:

Craftable after completing five Deepsight Resonance extractions or a random drop from the Vow of the Disciple Raid.

2. The Mysterious

IMG_6544-1024x576 IMG_6544-1024x576 Bungie (photo) via HGG

Your very first Glaive encounter

Once you have The Enigma, you might want to stick with it. That’s how fantastic it is. It captures the flow of using a Glaive and includes a variety of Perks, Hafts, and Mags that allow you to customize it to your preferences. The main disadvantage is the reload speed and overall shield duration, which you must choose between (although you can equip Mods for reload speed).

While the Perks you have access to aren’t as extensive as Lubrae’s Ruin, they still allow you to create some quite effective builds. Unstoppable Force is included, but you’ll have to play Subsistence or Feeding Frenzy instead. Once obtained, the improved Impulse Amplifier is also worth upgrading to for a significant increase in shooting speed and impact. 

This is a weapon that has to be fine-tuned. There are many alternatives to choose from, and it’s worth trying to discover your own Glaive playstyle.

How to Crack the Code:

After you’ve gained entrance to the Enclave, you’ll be able to construct this weapon.

3. The Precipice of Intent

IMG_6545-1024x576 IMG_6545-1024x576 Bungie (photo) via HGG

Exclusive to Warlock Glaive of the Orient

Edge of Intent is the greatest of the three Exotic Glaives available to your Class. Which isn’t saying much, given how mediocre these Exotics are. Despite this, the Solar Glaive’s unique healing turret, which may be used in lieu of its shield energy, can be effective. 

This works well with Dawnblade builds, although it isn’t necessary for anything to succeed. Furthermore, although it has a somewhat stronger impact, range, and shield duration than the Legendary alternatives, it lags well behind the Legendary options in terms of aim help and inventory size. All of this adds up to a somewhat more powerful healing weapon that isn’t quite as good as Legendary Glaives but takes up an Exotic slot.

How to Unlock the Intent’s Edge:

As a Warlock, complete all seven Evidence Board Quests or receive a random drop from the Wellspring.

4. The Boundary of Concurrence

IMG_6547-1024x576 IMG_6547-1024x576 Bungie (photo) via HGG

Exotic Glaive is a Hunter exclusive.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this Exotic Glaive is how it represents the Arc Subclass’s long-awaited trajectory. The lightning bullets you fire after your shield is completely charged have an emphasis on projectiles and offensive quickness. This strike, however, has a restricted range and must pass through the earth. 

That is to say, it isn’t really adaptable and demands you to be surrounding in order to get the most out of it. Because the total impact, range, and shield duration are lesser than the Legendary alternatives, this makes sense. Instead, reload speed, aim assist, and inventory capacity are increased. On the surface, it seems to be an intriguing weapon. However, it is significantly less powerful than Legendaries owing to several general stat modifications and ability limits.

How to Unlock Concurrence’s Edge:

As a Hunter, complete all seven Evidence Board Quests, or pick up a random drop from the Wellspring.

5. The Threshold of Action

IMG_6546-1024x576 IMG_6546-1024x576 Bungie (photo) via HGG

Titan’s only exclusive Glaive of the Orient

Perhaps the most underwhelming of the group is the Exotic Titan Glaive. When your Glaive shield is maxed up, it generates a protective bubble shield. However, it provides no boosts, lasts for a relatively short period of time, and has no gear synergy. 

It’s interesting that this Exotic didn’t follow suit, given how nicely everything else surrounding this playstyle has synced with Void 3.0. Furthermore, the numbers are all over the place, with the basic reload speed, aim assist, and inventory capacity all being significantly reduced. It simply reduces the utility of a normally good attribute for other equipment. It’s also tied to a weapon that’s not as effective as the Legendary variations. 

How to Unlock the Action’s Edge:

As a Titan, complete all seven Evidence Board Quests, or pick up a random drop from the Wellspring.

In Destiny 2, How Do Glaives Work?

Glaives’ introduction seems to have caused some controversy. People are either completely enamored with them or very annoyed with them. On my first attempt, I was unmistakably among the latter. The rate of fire seemed too sluggish to be an accurate and lethal long-range weapon. The shield seemed strange, and the recharge relationship to assaults seemed a little hazy.

The Glaive, on the other hand, grew on me the more I used it. It became immediately evident how to use it—all it’s about balancing long and short-range assaults. Begin by firing long-range rounds that kill or cripple an opponent. This charges your shield, enabling you to utilize it quickly to do damage. Then start stabbing away (preferably with the shot’s suppression advantage) to finish them out and repeat the cycle.

It’s one of the most powerful weapons for dealing with adversaries and playing the mid-range game. This was especially effective in the Legendary campaign, as taking long-range shots, advancing up, and shielding were all common tactics.

Useful Hints for Your Glaive

Using the greatest Glaives and learning how to utilize the weapon is a wonderful place to start when it comes to actually harnessing the weapon’s potential. There are, however, certain intriguing Mods, Void 3.0 perks, and general best practices that may help you take your ability to the next level.

These Mods Must Be Unlocked and Equipped

This Season’s artifact is chock-full of Glaive-specific Mods and other augmentations that you should unlock and use, including:

  • Glaive Suppression: Glaive melee hits or projectiles inhibit enemies.
  • Darkness of Suppression: Suppressed opponents will be weakened.
  • Glaive Dexterity: Increased quickness in readying and stowing.
  • Glaive Loader: Increase the speed with which Glaives reload.
  • Glaive Scavenger: When Glaives collect up ammunition, they get extra reserves.

You may discover that not all of these Mods are necessary to have on hand at all times. Managing Armor Mods is a delicate balancing act. For some tasks, you may need to concentrate on your other weapons or use the Unstoppable Glaive Mod. So, first and foremost, concentrate on the Suppression Mods—the rest is only a bonus.

Fragments from Void 3.0

IMG_6548-1024x576 IMG_6548-1024x576 Bungie (photo) via HGG

Certain aspects of Void 3.0 play very well with the Glaives system. Make sure to consider include these Fragments and Aspects in your build:

  • Increased mobility and automatic reload after suppressing an adversary in Echo of Domineering.
  • The Orb of Power is created by defeating weakening adversaries with precise finishing attacks (Only works with the Suppressive Darkness Mod equipped).
  • With melee final strikes, get 10 recovery and trigger life regeneration with Echo of Leeching.
  • With melee kills, Echo of Exchange increases Grenade energy.

Keep in mind that you only have a limited number of spaces for Fragments, so you won’t be able to utilize them all. Furthermore, Glaives’ bonuses from melee kills seem to be hit-or-miss at best. They’re still extremely beneficial, but you won’t always see them in action.

Making Use of Your Shield

IMG_6541-1024x576 IMG_6541-1024x576 Bungie (photo) via HGG

The last few tips here are focused on Making Use of Your Shield. I already mentioned how the basic cycle of this weapon is fire, defend and rush, and stab, stab, stab. However, there are some other nuances to the shield worth remembering. 

For begin, shooting your Glaive increases the shield duration when you target down locations to activate it. Obviously, landing hits and kills will help even more, but even if you’re not hitting anything, it’s important laying down cover fire. 

Second, your shield is an excellent defense tool. Pop it up when you’re in close range or observe incoming fire going your way. Try to utilize it to get out of harm’s path, then drop it to restore full movement speed and maybe save some for later.

Finally, a tip that has nothing to do with the shield. If you and your Fireteam are all using Glaives with Suppression, concentrate on stabbing as often as possible. You’ll be astounded at how long you can hold an attacker down and how swiftly you can dispatch a powerful opponent. Plus, you get to repeatedly replay the bar scene from Shaun of the Dead, so it’s a no-brainer.

Be a part of the High Ground

To utilize Glaives effectively, there is a bit of a learning curve. It may, however, prove to be one of your most powerful precise and defensive weapons if you master the long-range shot, shield, and melee flow. With a few Mods, Aspects, and Fragments thrown in, you’ll soon find yourself retooling and utilizing your Glaives on a frequent basis.

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Have fun gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Glaives in Destiny 2?

A: You can get Glaives by grinding for them, or purchase them from the Eververse Trading Company.

What is a Glaive in Destiny 2?

A: In Destiny 2, a glaive is an exotic hand cannon that can be equipped in the primary weapon slot and fires bolts of solar energy.

What is the max level for the Glaive Destiny 2?

A: The max level for the Glaive Destiny 2 is Lv.15, which takes about 10 hours to complete if you choose to do so.

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