The free-to-play MMO is back with a slew of new content, including social updates and an endless challenge mode. Plus, it seems the game’s developers already have their eye on what to do next.

The “dauntless mobile 2021” is a hint that Dauntless will be releasing social updates, the return of seasonal talent trees, and an “endless challenge” mode.

Dauntless hints at work on social updates, the return of seasonal talent trees, and an ‘endless challenge’ mode


It’s never too early to think about what’s next in Dauntless, at least according to the developers at Phoenix Labs. This leads us back to the game’s ever-changing roadmap, which has recently seen the addition of a few more fascinating cards.

One of the first new cards is for an unnamed new mode that promises “endless difficulty, endless enjoyment,” as well as a mechanism for users to “beat one level to unlock the next, eternally” each season. The card states that this new mode is currently in the concept stage of development and will be “a long time” before it sees the light of day, but it is an intriguing thought.

Teases for a new Behemoth, the promise of upcoming social feature improvements to make grouping and finding friends easier, and an upcoming seasonal talent tree that will provide a permanent way for characters to grow; it reads similarly to the Past and Future talent trees added in the Infinite Radiance update, except it will “focus on opening up new kinds of builds and ways to play – not on giving/taking away abilities.”

Meanwhile, the game’s latest version adds extra challenges and narrative tasks, as well as some quality-of-life improvements, bug patches, and a modification to how poison from the Sporestruck Charogg works. More details may be found in the notes linked above.


The “steam link” is a social update that the developers have hinted at. The seasonal talent trees are also returning, as well as an “endless challenge” mode.

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