CS:GO is one of the most popular games in the world. It’s also one of the most popular games in the world for moneymaking. With a global community of over 11.5 million players, and a depth of gameplay that makes it one of the most fun games, CS:GO has become a favorite of all kinds of players. While there are a variety of other, more popular games out there, the CS:GO community is still one of the most vibrant communities in gaming.

“CS:GO | 2021 Economy Guide: Make Your Money Work for You [T/CT]”

CS:GO | 2021 Economy Guide: Make Your Money Work for You [T/CT]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t just a shoot-em-up game. The money you earn throughout the course of the game and how you handle it may determine whether you win or lose. After the break, it’s time to brush up on your economics with the High Ground Gaming CS:GO Economy Guide.

CS:GO Economy Guide: Economics & You

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, money is what makes the world go ’round. You and your friends may use it to buy larger and stronger weapons as the game continues, as well as utility items like grenades, in order to gain an advantage over your opponents. 

Of course, even the greatest weapons in the game can’t compensate for bad crosshair placement and location, but that’s a topic for an other tutorial. 

There are a few important concepts to keep in mind while we examine the economics of CS:GO:

Term Definition
Full buy Purchasing a main weapon, complete armor, and complete usefulness (usually something like two flashbangs, one smoke grenade, and one incendiary grenade).
Light buy Equivalent to an Eco/SMG round purchase; includes a low-cost main weapon, some armor, and some utility (maybe one flashbang and one smoke – feel free to modify as needed).
Force buy A CS:GO force purchase happens when you don’t have a lot of money but still want to put together a loadout.
Armor is complete. The whole $1,000 armor set, which includes Kevlar and a helmet. It’s worth noting that a light armor purchase may be upgraded to full armor for the cost difference.
Armor that is not too heavy Only the $650 Kevlar armor is available; no head protection is provided. 
Drop(s) Weapons bought on behalf of a teammate and passed from one to the other. As of this writing, only main and secondary weapons may be discarded; no utility can be dropped. 
Upgrades for pistols, SMGs, and rifles Generally, the more powerful, higher-tier versions of their weaponry. For example, a Glock could be converted to a P250, an MP9 could be upgraded to a P90, and a Galil might be modified to an AK-47. 
Round of saving/savings Choosing not to spend all of one’s money in a single round in order to save up for a better deal later. 

Bringing Bacon Back to the House

CSGO Eco 5 Mitch Gentry / Mitch Gentry / Valve through HGG

The following are the activities that earn you money in CS:GO:

  • Getting rid of a foe. Depending on the weapon and the game mode, the quantity changes.
  • Detonating or planting the bomb When the bomb is placed, everyone on the terrorist side receives a monetary bonus, even if the round is lost; take advantage of this.
  • Winning a game. This one is self-explanatory: win the round, earn some cash.
  • A round is lost. For up to four consecutive lost rounds, the loss bonus rises.

Keep in mind that you can only carry $16,000 in a competitive match and $10,000 in a casual match, so keep that in mind when we explore team-oriented economic tactics later on. 

The majority of the techniques we discuss in our CS:GO Economy Guide are self-evident. Complete the tasks assigned to you, then eliminate your opponents with a bullet, sword, or *BOOM!* to win the round. The defeat bonus is less obvious, but it guarantees that you’re never really out of the battle, even if you’re having trouble putting together rounds. It reaches a maximum value when the fourth consecutive round is lost, and it resets following a round victory. It’s worth noting that winning and losing in alternate rounds will provide you with the most inconsistent and meager revenue conceivable, which should have a significant impact on your decision-making process. 

The Counter-Terrorism Bank

CSGO Eco 2 Mitch Gentry / Mitch Gentry / Valve through HGG

Managing your financial reserves is a little more complex than just purchasing the finest weapon available. Let’s break down the various kinds of rounds you may anticipate and how they should influence your purchases, as we’ve done in previous CS:GO Economy Guides. 

Round Description Typical Purchases
Round Pistol In every match, the first rounds of each half. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible while earning a few cash bonuses with little effort. Handguns (e.g. P250, Specialty Pistols) Armor that is not too heavy (Kevlar only) Lightweight utility
Round Eco/SMG The rounds that follow a pistol round or a rifle round that has been lost. The aim is to maximize the return on investment while also maintaining or regaining momentum. SMGs are small-caliber weapons (e.g. P90, UMP, MP5-SD) Rifles on the cheap (e.g. Galil, Famas, Scout) Full body armor (Kevlar plus helmet — the helmet is particularly useful when dealing with SMGs) Full usefulness (SMGs need close quarter combat – carry a cigarette)
Round for Rifle In every CS:GO battle, these are the most important rounds. To remain on top, bring your tactical A-game to the battlefield and spend wisely yet decisively.  Rifles of primary importance (e.g. AK-47, M4A1-S, AWP) Armor is complete (The CTs can forgo head armor is strapped for cash, as the AK-47 largely ignores the helmet) Utility in its entirety (Whatever it takes to get the job done)

The details of each round type in our CS:GO Economy Guide may change based on whose side you’re on, as you would expect. So, let’s have a look at each one individually…

Round-by-Round Breakdown of the CS:GO Economy

CSGO Eco 7 Mitch Gentry / Mitch Gentry / Valve through HGG

Pistol Round (CT)

The best CT pistol rounds to purchase are:

  • Upgrading your pistol (e.g. P250, Five-Seven)
  • Light armor (just Kevlar since I can’t afford a helmet)
  • Kit for defusing

The pistol round will be an all-out fight for the Counter-Terrorists – if the Terrorists can get up close and personal as their pistols desire. With the USP-S and P2000, the CTs have the edge in terms of accuracy, thus although pistols can’t be considered true marksman weapons, they will prefer medium-range engagements and careful headshots against charging Ts. However, if you want to engage in close combat, you may want to improve your handgun or carry some armor with you. And if you just purchase one item, don’t be a loser and get a defuser! 

Pistol Round (T)

The best pistol rounds for T are:

  • Upgrades to pistols (e.g. P250, Tec-9, Desert Eagle)
  • Light armor (just Kevlar since I can’t afford a helmet)
  • Decoys, or the occasional flash/smoke if the strategy calls for it)

On the terrorist side, the agility provided by pistol bullets is beneficial. From the Glock to the Tec-9, most T guns encourage run-and-gun tactics, spraying lead downrange as quickly as you can click. This necessitates closing the gap and never stopping. Don’t pause; hurry up, B!

As the CTs give up hope of headshots and go toward body shots, picking up Kevlar is critical to ensuring you come out on top. A few decoys may be useful as well, feigning an attack on one location before exploding on the other. But, whatever you do, don’t stop trying new things.

CSGO Eco 4 Mitch Gentry / Mitch Gentry / Valve through HGG

Round CT – Eco/SMG

The best CT rounds for Eco/SMG rounds are:

  • SMGs are small-caliber weapons (e.g. P90, UMP, MP5-SD)
  • Rifles on the cheap (e.g. Famas, Scout)
  • Upgrades to pistols (e.g. P250, Five-Seven, CZ-75, Desert Eagle)
  • Armor is complete. (When confronted with other SMGs and handguns, the helmet is a must.) Consider settling for Kevlar only if the Ts are on a rifle cartridge and spending that money elsewhere.)
  • Smokes to slow down the Ts, flashbangs to create tactical openings, and a defuse kit are all useful items.)

You’ve survived the handgun round. Perhaps you were hit by a rifle bullet, forcing you to look for stray cash at phone booths. In any case, the goal of an Eco/SMG round is to maximize return on investment while using the fewest resources possible. 

If you know the T side is also on SMGs, you should prioritize a complete armor purchase with a helmet. Even if it means giving up an SMG in exchange for a handgun upgrade. In SMG duels, head armor wins firefights. If the Ts are fighting with rifles, you may skip the head armor and opt for a better gun or greater utility instead. That helmet isn’t going to assist you much. 

Eco rounds in CS:GO are often excellent save rounds, and when utilized correctly, may turn your fortunes around. They’re also crucial rounds for economic tactics that concentrate on teams. Keep an eye on both your colleagues’ and your own financial reserves. It’s time to offer drops if you’re rolling in money while they’re camping on pennies. That doesn’t imply you should buy SMGs all the time unless you can afford it. Allowing a teammate to spend all of their money on armor while you drop a P250 or a Five-Seven may sometimes make the difference between winning and losing. In Eco/SMG rounds, coordinate purchases as necessary to offer everyone on your team the greatest chance of winning. 

Eco/SMG Round (T)

T on Eco/SMG rounds that are the greatest buys:

  • SMGs are small-caliber weapons (e.g. P90, UMP, MP5-SD)
  • Rifles on the cheap (e.g. Galil, Scout)
  • Upgrades to pistols (e.g. P250, Tec-9, CZ-75, Desert Eagle)
  • Armor is complete. (When fighting other SMGs and handguns, the helmet is important; remember that CT rifles can’t pierce a helmet in one shot as T rifles can.)
  • Lightweight utility (Smokes to create opportunities for taking sites, flashbangs to blind any would-be snipers, and perhaps a molotov to block off rotating CTs.)

The T-side Eco/SMG loadout, like the CT Eco/SMG Round, prefers full armor with a helmet when possible. Unlike the T side weapons, the CT rifles’ headshots may be hampered by the additional protection, thus full armor is nearly always preferable while facing down SMGs and rifles. However, you must not overlook the Eco’s function as a save round. Don’t be wasteful with your money. 

If you’re on a map that allows it, a Scout may also be used as an Eco/SMG round. SMGs are likely to be used by all of your opponents, thus keeping them at range is critical to winning firefights. Given the amazing armor penetration, an AK-47 with light armor may possibly work, but be aware that you’re putting your life on the line to survive the round. When in doubt, preserve as much as you can for later rounds. 

CSGO Eco 8 Mitch Gentry / Mitch Gentry / Valve through HGG

Rifle Round (CT)

The best CT rifle rounds to purchase are:

  • Rifles of primary importance (e.g. M4A4, M4A1-S, AWP, AUG)
  • Upgrades to pistols (e.g. Five-Seven, Desert Eagle)
  • Armor is complete. (If you can afford it, buy a helmet.) However, if the $350 would be better spent elsewhere, a CT may opt out with little practical consequences.)
  • Utility in its entirety (Generally two flashbangs, one smoke, and one incendiary grenade.)
  • Remember to bring a defuse kit! We’ll cease bringing it up when it’s no longer a problem.

The meat-and-potatoes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay. The Rifle round is where CS:GO matches are decided. Eco rounds are spent attempting to advance to the following Rifle round, whereas Rifle rounds are spent attempting to remain in first place. As a result, in order to reach the rifle round and stay there as long as possible, good management of your team’s economics is critical. 

This is where you’ll be investing all of your hard-earned cash. No weapon is off the table if you can afford it, whether it’s the M4A4 or the AWP. Even the AUG, as expensive as it is, may assist in leveling the playing field for medium to long-range confrontations. And the minor cost-cutting tactics you learned in the Eco rounds, such as skipping the helmet against rifling Ts in order to acquire a stronger weapon or greater utility, are still useful. Check your team’s financial reserves and be prepared to drop if necessary. Rifle shots work best when every member of the squad is firing at full capacity. 

However, if you can afford it, do so. Never say the round was lost because you ran out of flashbangs or were outgunned because you didn’t upgrade a cheap weapon. 

Don’t forget to bring a defuse kit!

Rifle Round (T)

The best rifle rounds for T are:

  • Rifles of primary importance (e.g. AK-47, AWP, SG-553)
  • Upgrades to pistols (e.g. Tec-9, Desert Eagle)
  • Armor is complete. (If you want to make it to the following Rifle round, get a “double dink” with a helmet.)
  • Utility in its entirety (Typically, two flashbangs, one smoke, and one Molotov cocktail are used.) As required, replace the flashbang with a decoy.)

Most maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are T-sided, which means that if all other factors are equal, a round is more likely to end in a T-side win. The reason behind this is that the T rifles are better. The AK-47 is the kind of weapon that all Ts want and that all CTs hope to find on the battlefield. With the traditional wood and polished metal sword in hand, head armor is of little importance. 

The SG-553, too — or is it the Krieg? Perhaps it depends on how long you’ve been playing CS – in the proper hands, it’s a powerful weapon. The SG, like the AUG, is best used in mid to long-range engagements where tapping wins out over spraying rounds. The AWP is ready to accompany you on your camping trip of a lifetime if you like a blazing campfire and the natural outdoors. 

Remember that for a T-side Rifle round, range and well-placed headshots are essential. Remember to place the bomb, too, since CS:GO isn’t a team deathmatch. At least not in the basic modes. 

Money that is afraid of losing money does not make money.

CSGO Eco 6 Mitch Gentry / Mitch Gentry / Valve through HGG

Whatever side of the debate you find yourself on, keep in mind that a dollar in the bank can be saved for a rainy day if you live long enough to see it. In this CS:GO Economy Guide, the constant battle is deciding when money is better spent and when it is better conserved. Regardless of what your Gold Nova teammates say, they aren’t likely to have figured it all out yet. 

If there’s one thing we want to emphasize in our CS:GO New Economy Guide, it’s that you should always follow your instincts. When you’re loaded with cash, don’t be sparing with the drops. And if you believe an AK-47 with light armor on an Eco/SMG round would tip the scales in your favor, go for it. Simply alert your teammates so that they can retrieve your AK if you fall.

Communication is crucial in CS:GO, as it is in any game. Your economics isn’t yours alone, and neither are your colleagues’. You must all work together for the greater benefit of winning rounds, which includes coordinating purchases and deciding on the round’s categorization, whether it’s Eco, Rifle, or Save. Don’t be hesitant to discuss it with your teammates in the few seconds before the round begins. 

It will become second nature to you soon, and you will be purchasing, saving, and dumping like a pro. 



This CS:GO Economy Guide should have helped to clarify the metagame around the in-game economic condition. If you like these words and would want to read more like them, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to share your thoughts in the area below. In the following guide, we’ll see you.

It was finally released, and everyone can play it. It’s been months of waiting and hype, but CS:GO is finally here, and it’s time to make your money work for you. If you’re new to CS:GO and want to know what you should buy, read on!. Read more about cs:go economy cheat sheet and let us know what you think.

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