I’ve been playing Crusader Kings 3 over the weekend and at the moment it’s a good game. This is the first game from Paradox that I’ve played, and while I don’t know much about them, I can guarantee you that this game is top notch. The graphics are beautiful, and the game play is smooth and entertaining. The user interface is pretty easy to use, and the tutorials are pretty straightforward. Bottom line is that this game is definitely worth the money. I just finished playing about 8 hours of gameplay and I can’t wait to get back to it.

Crusader Kings 3 is a popular new release from the creators of Crusader Kings 2, and with it came a plethora of new possibilities to play with. But what if you’ve played the previous CK games and want to try out more of what the new CK3 has to offer? Or what if you’ve only played a few of the previous CK2 games and want to try something new? Well, I have a guide that’ll help you venture into the vast and mysterious world of CK3, so you can get the most out of your game. It’ll start from the very basics!

While playing Crusader Kings II, one of the most important things you can do is to read the official strategy guide. There are a lot of possibilities in the game, especially when it comes to military and foreign policy, so the guide is a great help in understanding the game mechanics, picking the best strategy for achieving your goals.

word-image-3802 In this guide, we will cover the basics of the armies and troop variants available in Crusader Kings 3. We have a lot to learn, so let’s start there. To build an army in CK3, you must first create a rally point. At the bottom of the Military tab, you can click Add and then select an operation anywhere in your realm. Each new rally point creates a different colored flag on the map, and when you click on it, you will see the option Turn Local Army into or Turn Everything Here into. If you choose Local Only, create a stack of Levites nearby (you can see their number on the side of the button) with your army soldiers. This means that wherever you place your first war army, it will contain your elite troops. It should be noted that you cannot declare war with armies already assembled. You can rearrange the stacks by moving troops and knights to new armies. That’s why it’s often a good idea to collect all the stacks in one place to make sure you don’t have stacks scattered all over the map before you manually organize them. Your men will arrive immediately, but the rest of the army may not show up for a few days, so be patient and wait before controlling them.

CK3 Weapon holder

word-image-3803 Armed men are your elite unit. If you were familiar with CK2 Retinues, it’s more or less the same idea, with some notable improvements. You start with the regimental limit, which is the number of different units you can recruit. However, this does not correspond to the number of men in the units. When you hire them, they start with 5 people and gradually build up to a full team. Each squad, once recruited, can be upgraded in several stages, with each stage providing 100 additional soldiers. As the innovation progresses, additional levels will become available so you can maintain larger units. They will also be able to have more regiments and access to new troop types. In addition to the initial cost of each level, maintenance costs must also be considered when building your Men-at-Arms. As long as they’re not high, it’s a pretty low price, but once they’re on the ground, the price can quickly increase to a much higher price. Given the ratio of these elite troops to your Levites, your Levites will almost always be the most expensive troops in the war, an order of magnitude more expensive. Then it’s worth noting the rock-paper-scissors game when they fight the Arsenal men who oppose them. Each type of board has its strengths and weaknesses compared to the others. This can reduce combat efficiency by 90% with sufficient resistance. So it’s important to research your opponents and make sure you’re not wasting your resources. As you may have guessed, archers are good against scouts, but weak against cavalry. The list below shows the strengths of each, with a return to the top of the list at the end:

  • Archers
  • Rifleman
  • heavy infantry
  • Excavator
  • Cavalry

Note: Crossbowmen are considered archers under the Laws of the Game, but do not replace archers. Instead, they actively oppose heavy infantry and heavy cavalry, which means you need light cavalry to oppose them, and regular archers to oppose fencers. As mentioned earlier, human armies benefit from logistical improvements through the development of innovations, but you can also improve their combat performance in other ways. The different buildings in your domain give kingdom-wide bonuses to a specific type of unit. These bonuses add up and become incredibly powerful. Take, for example, the construction of military camps. On the 3. The level gives +4 damage and +1 resistance for archers (as well as bonuses for skirmishers). If you have two barons of this type in different baronies, it equals +8, and so on. The combination of various bonuses increases the damage quickly, and when you consider that the basic damage of the archer is 25 units, you can see what kind of improvement we’re talking about here. There are many such buildings, and several for each type. You can read more about them in our building guide, but suffice it to say they are worth the investment. You should also check out the combat style, which gives your current leader some interesting weapon bonuses. But one thing you can’t improve is their terrain modification: Each type has favorable and unfavorable terrain. This is probably a minor issue than most aspects of the fight, but it can tip the scales if the fight continues to be evenly matched.

CK3 Backslash

word-image-3804 To split the stacks, select the lifted army and click New Army Detach in the window. From here you can select the units you want to transfer to the new team. Then you can either press x to exit, or press to go directly to that party. The new batteries don’t have a commander yet, and you’ll have to designate one. A high combat skill gives you an advantage in battle, so pick a good one. Some characters have additional command properties that must also be taken into account. Many of these traits give huge bonuses to the entire army they lead. For example, Unstoppable Defender reduces the mortality of friendly troops by 25%, and in a protracted war this will significantly reduce your losses as troops die even in victory. Other traits are just as effective, such as the antithesis, Aggressive Attacker, which increases the opponent’s lethality by 25%. There are more abstract properties here, like Forder, which lifts the malus when crossing a river, or Organizer, which increases the speed of an army by 25%. In short, take the time to choose the commander that will be most useful to you, and plan ahead for the use of that particular army.

CK3 Movement

word-image-3805 Moving troops is as simple as clicking the left and right mouse buttons, but there is one thing you need to keep in mind, and that is the exact position of the stack. To prevent the text from overflowing, CK3 often moves the symbol away from the stack it represents. This can cause you to miss an interception or end up in the wrong place in a tense war. This becomes even clearer when one considers that the movement is not tied to a province, but allows armies to be placed on separate provinces within those provinces. Why don’t we lay siege to this castle? Oh yeah, you’re in an empty field next to it. Keep this in mind and use the zoom to make sure your powers are where you want them to be. There are personality traits and lifestyle preferences of the commander that influence movement, but we’ll leave that for you to discover for yourself. None of them are mandatory or intended to be mandatory. The final aspect of traffic, and perhaps the most worrying, is the sea. To move traffic, all you have to do is put your battery in a sea province. Building a fleet costs gold, but otherwise it goes very fast. We find this annoying because you constantly see the AI building fleets to move a handful of provinces and dodging incoming armies. That doesn’t sound so bad, but ultimately you’re playing with opposing stacks.

Power supply limitation CK3

word-image-3806 The supply limit determines how many people can live in a county of the country. If you don’t notice this in the beginning of the game, it can hurt you later when you collect large armies. You can see how much stock you have by hovering the mouse over the target while the army is selected. The offerings are a little different than here, and that can be confusing. Each army receives supplies up to a certain point as long as it is in friendly territory. This reserve represents the food the army carries, and is only used when the stack enters a province where it would otherwise be depleted. Only when the supply runs out do you start losing money.

CK3 Follow-up and screening

Screen caps and all cavalry give you chase numbers, and it’s a pretty simple mechanism. If you win a battle, the more chases you have, the more enemy units will be killed rather than repelled. Shielding is the opposite of stalking in that the shielding number, if defeated, protects you from stalking winners. It consisted of skirmishers and light cavalry.

CK3 Resolution

When you are done with the troops, you can press Army Disband and they will return to the pool. It may take a few months if you place it away from your home.

CK3 Charges

word-image-3807 The main troop type in CK3 is the Levi. Each Leviant has 10 points of damage and 10 points of resistance, and this remains the same throughout the game. Royalties come from all types of operations and the total amount can be increased by buildings. You still receive the maximum possible levy on your personal property, but only a small amount per vassal, depending on their feudal contract and their opinion of you. The exception is the clergy. The military support (and taxes) you receive from your temples depends directly on the opinion of the priest of your kingdom, whose decision you cannot influence. There is a less troublesome version of the court preacher, but only for certain denominations. In any case, it is important that you have a good opinion of your predecessor. It’s also a good idea to maximize the number of Levites you direct, so you have enough people to deal with the rogue elements, because quantity counts. It can be further enhanced with the EA action Organize Collections. But since these are the masses of counters you will use to do damage, this is not a professional army. You must contact the male attaché for this purpose.

CK3 Siege weapon

word-image-3808 The last type of regiment of soldiers is the regiment of siege guns. They do not take part in the normal fighting, but contribute to the progress of the siege. There are 4 types, each only effective up to a certain level of power. They also only have 10 people per level, but that doesn’t mean much.

  • and – from strength to 9. Fortress level, +0.3/day
  • Mangonels – Effective up to 15. Continuation level, +0.6/day
  • Requirements – effective until Fort 21, +1.0/day
  • Bombing – Effective until the 29th. Fortress level, +1.5/day

To effectively besiege higher level forts, you must have at least some siege weapons, otherwise it will take the defenders much longer to break through.

CK3 Mercenary

word-image-3809 Mercenaries are expensive and desperate, but they can fight well. Each mercenary group consists of separate units of the Men-at-Arms class with their own knights. Some of them include the troops of Levi, and that speaks against them. The cost of mercenaries is easy to understand. You pay in advance and benefit from their loyalty for 3 years. If you cancel the equipment before this date, it will remain in your possession until your contract expires and can be put back into service at no additional charge. If you’re desperate enough to call up mercenaries, you probably don’t have enough money, but don’t worry because you can go up to 24 months in debt to hire them. It is unlikely that small groups can turn the tide of a lost war in your favor, but we have found that some means can be effective. First, it’s a suicide mission to invade enemy territory, either to lay siege to their fortresses or to draw in troops from your own armies. The second is to use them as people counters with guns. This means that if the enemy has a lot of archers, for example, you can hire mercenaries who have a lot of cavalry at the beginning of the war, thus neutralizing this advantage.

CK3 Holy Orders

word-image-3810 The religious are the mercenaries of the religious world. You can recruit them with piety if you are fighting a faith-based war. Sometimes you can get an event to hire a company to do a job. You get a nice sum of gold for it, but you lose all taxes and royalties from the operation while they occupy it. If your loyalty is high enough, you can start a new order and give it to one of your direct owners. Why would you do that, you ask? First, if you’re their patron, you can summon them for free, which, depending on where you are on the map, could be worth losing the Holding. You can also divide them up if you like. If you’re looking for more Crusader Kings 3 guides, be sure to check out the page on console controls and cheats, and the page on using knights effectively. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord. We may also include links to affiliated stores, which will earn us a small commission if you make a purchase through them. Thank you.The game of Crusader Kings is one of the most complex strategy games ever created. You will have to manage your kingdom economies, your family trees, and your military. Navigate the world’s religious conflicts and manage your subjects as you play. This guide will help you get up to speed on the game’s basics and hints at how to make your gaming experience as enjoyable and unique as possible.. Read more about crusader kings 3 men-at-arms limit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you increase quality of troops in Crusader Kings 3?

After years of writing about Crusader Kings 3, I thought I had the hang of the game. Boy, was I wrong. With every major patch and new feature, I find myself struggling to keep up. The changes to the game have been so drastic that I have a hard time keeping up with the new units, factions, and more. If you’re in the mood to improve your Crusader Kings 3 ( CK3 ) game experience, there’s a lot you can do. However, you may be surprised to find that many of the game’s units don’t do what you expect them to. For example, the lancers in CK3 are excellent at chasing down enemies, but they don’t live long (to endure a siege) or can’t be upgraded (to have a better combat ability). So, what can you do to make these units better?

How do you control armies in Crusader Kings 3?

In the grand strategy game Crusader Kings 3, you take control of a king (or you can just play as one) and guide them through their life as a ruler. As you make choices which develop your dynasty, you will have to manage your people and resources wisely in order to ensure the longevity of your dynasty. Throughout even the most story-driven of any game, the military aspect of it is only a small part of it. The military is only a small part that is part of a larger grand strategy of a nation. A grand strategy is the set of policies that a nation uses to make itself prosperous and powerful. There are various strategies and tactics that can be used which will make your nation powerful and prosperous. The most important part of the military strategy is the formation of an army.

Is there combat in Crusader Kings 3?

“Crusader Kings 3” is a strategy game in which you play as a medieval warlord. You can create a medieval dynasty, lead your armies to victory, and earn the title of a Crusader King. I have been playing Crusader Kings 2 ( CK2) for a while now, and I’ve been thinking about updating my guide on troops. However, I couldn’t think of anything unique. Then I had an idea: I’ll make a guide on how to use units in a combat scenario and who has the advantage. I want to start with a scenario that has lots of units and lots of combat: the first Crusade. (I’ll also keep this guide updated with new experiences and discoveries, so please add your own experiences and discoveries in the comments.)

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