While the release of Crusader Kings II: Songs of the Holy was pretty much a day late and a dollar short, it was more than worth the wait. The game’s music is as beautiful as ever, and the new DLC is just as fascinating as the game itself.

It’s been less than a month since we last saw our latest batch of GeForce Now games, and it’s been a busy few weeks. We’ve seen a couple of big PC exclusives hit the service, including Civilization VI and XCOM 2, while we’ve also seen the launch of a couple of smaller games, such as the recent release of DUST 514 and PUBG Mobile.

This week, Paradox Interactive announced that Crusader Kings 3 is getting a GeForce Now version . Launched in 2015, GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service from NVIDIA, allows users to stream the main game along with up to three expansions in high-quality up to 1080p resolution, and at a variable frame rate. The GeForce Now version is available now in beta testing, and will launch for the game in the US this fall. On the other hand, Paradox also announced a new DLC for Stellaris called Crusade, coming out on August 30th . Crusade is a new major update to Stellaris, expanding the base game by adding three new playable factions, and four new unique technologies.. Read more about what is geforce now and let us know what you think.

Crusader Kings 3 and Stellaris' GeForce Now Versions Have Been Unavailable Since Mid-June

If you’ve just signed up for Nvidia GeForce Now in the hopes of getting your dose of Paradox grand strategy games, you’ll find that Crusader Kings 3 and Stellaris are both unavailable or, more precisely, under maintenance. The problem has been present since at least mid-June, and there is no indication of when it will be resolved.

Nearly two months ago, users on GeForce Now began complaining that Crusader Kings 3 and Stellaris were no longer accessible. After an initial period of quiet and consternation, the situation began to come together gradually.

Crusader Kings 3 and Stellaris' GeForce Now Versions Have Been Unavailable Since Mid-June

Crusader Kings 3 and Stellaris' GeForce Now Versions Have Been Unavailable Since Mid-June

Nvidia Forum utilized dobby towards the end of June. Crusader Kings 3 was pulled down as a result of the game enabling GeForce Now customers to obtain DLC they didn’t buy, according to dimov’s response from Nvidia Customer Support.

On the forums, Paradox Support Rep AndrewT verified that the publisher had not made the titles unavailable and that there were no plans to remove them from the service, as some had speculated.

For GeForce Now members wanting to play CK3 and Stellaris, the timing couldn’t have been worse, since both games were pulled down for maintenance just as Paradox began its five-week summer vacation.

Last weekend, both games were pulled down for maintenance, although only for a brief time. They’ve been inaccessible once again. “We’re working with Paradox to fix a problem that affects both Crusader King III and Stellaris. We’ll make them playable as soon as the problem is fixed “a statement on the GeForce Now status page says

“There is virtually likely to be no cure for this until August at the earliest,” AndrewT previously said, but with the developer’s summer vacation coming to an end, we may hear more in the coming weeks.

If you have your eye on either game on GeForce Now, you may want to hold off until Crusader Kings III and Stellaris return, or find something else to occupy your time until they do.

Nvidia and Paradox have been contacted, and we will update this story if we get a response.

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