At the beginning of November, Crowfall’s chief game designer, Chris Taylor, gave an impassioned speech about the game’s launch into Early Access in Europe, and the importance of being closer to the “core” of the game on Steam. He followed up that speech with a Reddit post, in which he announced that the launch was being pushed back to the end of the year, and that the game would have an additional test server where they would be able to test the new features and content, prior to the official U.S. launch.

“We have a Dregs campaign for Australian players! Starting right now!” Crowfall’s latest blog post is a little more surprising than it first appears.  The developer’s PR team posted a brief update on the Crowfall subreddit this morning to announce that “Australian players will be getting a Dregs campaign to help them get their feet wet in Crowfall.” The details of the campaign are a little light at the moment, but presumably players will be able to redeem a coupon for a few free starter packs.

Crowfall, an upcoming 4x fantasy-themed MMO, originally promised a closed Beta to only US players. But today, the game’s publisher, Portalarium, announced that it would be opening the test to all players in participating territories. But that doesn’t look to be the end of the story, as apparently the company is also planning a Dregs campaign for Australian players. This may be a test of just how badly a region’s players want access to a game – if they can put up with the many technical issues that have plagued the project for over a year, that is.. Read more about crowfall next campaign and let us know what you think.

It actually ended.

We reported last week and Tuesday on Crowfall’s absence of a Dregs campaign for Oceania players, despite NA and EU players receiving one, with ArtCraft stating that the region’s player base required “thousands” of people to start such a campaign. The studio said at the time, “We’re currently developing our following in the Brazilian and Australian markets and look forward to launching campaigns there shortly.”

Those thousands of Australian players have evidently materialized, as ArtCraft has launched a Dregs promotion for AUS gamers that will run from now until Saturday, July 31st. The timing is crucial here, since the linked thread was updated yesterday after being posted on July 3rd, and the tweet announcing the news was just sent out yesterday.

Australian Crowfall fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the short notice, with replies to the announcement tweet accusing ArtCraft of wanting the region’s Dregs campaign to fail or bemoaning the short notice because Australian players are already heavily involved in other ongoing campaigns. “On short notice, for a short period of time, after individuals have already invested in existing servers… “Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea?” one such tweet reads. Another says, “I understand it’s a smaller audience, but this seems like a smack in the face.”


This week, Crowfall officially revealed the gameplay trailer for their upcoming new game mode, Dregs, announcing Dregs will be available to Australian players on October 12th. The announcement was made by Crowfall community manager Farhan Khan in a post on the Crowfall forums.. Read more about play crowfall and let us know what you think.

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