The game, developed by Funcom and published by Microsoft Studios is being touted as the next big thing in gaming. Fan favorite Conan Exiles released just last month on PC with Xbox One support to follow soon. The new title has received rave reviews from critics and players alike due to its promising features that put it ahead of other titles in the genre

Conan Exiles promises better modder and live game support, more in-game events in the future. The game is a survival sandbox featuring Conan the Barbarian and his adventures. Read more in detail here: conan exiles.

Conan Exiles promises better modder and live game support, more in-game events in the future


Funcom seemed to be really satisfied with Conan Exiles’ performance in 2021. A retrospective producer’s letter congratulates itself on the Isle of Siptah expansion and its new content, citing increased player counts and Twitch viewing, as well as some trivia, infographics, and links to videos featuring community mods and content makers.

A few lines regarding the survival sandbox’s future are sprinkled throughout the piece, including further hiring to assist Exiles in the long term. Last year, Funcom launched a new Live team “committed to the game’s maintenance, support, and daily operations,” as well as a team whose only mission is to establish a direct channel between Funcom and modders, both of which are anticipated to expand. “We are devoted to Conan Exiles; it is one of Funcom’s greatest triumphs, and we want it to be the best it can be,” the message continues.

The developers also want to extend Twitch-related freebies and introduce additional in-game events, such as the Grave Matters event, which were both well appreciated by gamers. There’s more to come for Exiles, but the letter is careful about disclosing the secrets, instead expressing delight at the game’s overall progress.


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