Blue Protocol is a new fan-made theme song for Blue Exorcist, the popular anime-inspired anime series directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. Unlike such theme songs as “Mentality” by Daichi Miura and “Song” by Tomori Kusunoki, this one is specifically done for Blue Exorcist’s characters instead of the show itself, but Blue Protocol is a surprisingly catchy song, filled with jazzy synths and guitar riffs and plenty of vocal harmony. It’s also a bittersweet song; it’s the theme song for a series that was recently canceled, and will soon be replaced by a new one.

“The Gamers’ Challenge” is a popular video game blog, known for highlighting various NPCs, or non-player characters, in games. For the past several months, the blog has been highlighting a selection of them, to give a glimpse to the larger universe of The Gamers. The show is set to begin airing on April 17, and the first episode will be centered around Blue Protocol, a game series created by the blog’s head, which is known for its notable NPCs.

Few MMOs can boast of the variety of environments that have been created for their players to explore. Worlds like “World of Warcraft”, “Elder Scrolls Online” and “Star Wars: The Old Republic” have instilled players with a sense of adventure and freedom as they explore their new, virtual environments, and in the case of “The Secret World”, they’ve allowed us to meet and interact with a wide variety of characters. Whether you want to give a hearty greeting or a menacing stare, there’s an NPC for you to interact with.


Every decent game requires a catchy theme tune, and Blue Protocol, a growing Japanese MMORPG, is no exception. To that purpose, the game joyfully announced at the end of May that the song Mirai by Japanese rock band L’arc-en-Ciel will be the game’s theme. Furthermore, the song will be released as a single on August 25th as a limited edition disc pressing including a making-of movie and the Blue Protocol opening animation.

What is the significance of this? Because the impending CD release has prompted the game’s official Twitter account to provide some information on the different NPCs featured in the opening animation. So far, a justice-obsessed teenage warrior, an energetic singing diva, and members of a knightly order have been shown as NPCs.

Additional characters will be unveiled up to the release of the theme song single, but there are currently no plans to disclose the game’s future launch plans or when it will come on our side of the world. But, hey, there’s L’Arc-en-Ciel.

また、ジャケットやムービー内に登場するキャラクター紹介も明日より投稿していきます。 #BlueProtocol #LArcenCiel # #BlueProtocol #LArcenCiel #



Nothing is more intriguing than the unknown. This is the essence of what drives us to create, explore, and innovate. You can’t know something if you don’t explore it. This is why writers create stories, as well as why filmmakers and game designers create video games. It is also why we explore new worlds and new ideas. Blue Protocol is about exploring and understanding the world around us. The world is mysterious, and none of us know how it operates. The greater the mystery, the more we want to explore it.. Read more about blue protocol classes and let us know what you think.

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