The Blair Witch sequel is finally out in theaters today – and the excitement surrounding the movie is understandable. The Blair Witch franchise has been one of the most successful horror movies in recent years, and the Blair Witch VR experience builds on the franchise’s legacy. The Blair Witch VR experience features a brand new storyline and scares that have never been seen in a Blair Witch movie before. The Blair Witch VR experience is now available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, on Steam and the Oculus store.

Blair Witch VR is officially launched and available for download at the following links: Blair Witch VR  – Windows for Oculus DK2/Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets   Blair Witch VR  – Windows for HTC Vive Blair Witch VR  – Windows for Sony Playstation.

Horror has always been a part of gaming. With the evolution of technology, however, horror has taken on a whole new dimension. One that involves virtual reality (VR) and the possibility of being terrified in a completely different way—yet one that is still familiar.

Blair-Witch-VR-Edition-Gamers-Heroes Blair Witch: VR Edition, developed by Lionsgate and Bloober Team and optimized for PlayStation and PC VR platforms, is now available.

This game is a story-driven psychological horror game based on the Blair Witch franchise’s cinematic mythology. Players will set out to awaken their deepest fears as they immerse themselves in the gloomy ambiance of the Black Hills Forest.

Redesigned surroundings enable players to catch, toss, and stack items on top of one other with this update. A new control mechanism, as well as additional noises and in-game events, will be included in Blair Witch: VR Edition. There are also new orders for your faithful friend Bullet if you’re a dog lover.

Learn more about the game by watching the live action launch trailer below:

Live Action Launch Trailer for Blair Witch VR Edition

The game costs $29.99 on PlayStation VR and $29.99 on PC through Steam. A $34.99 deluxe edition of the game is also available, which contains the game, its original soundtrack, and a digital artbook called The Art of Blair Witch.

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Blair Witch: VR Edition Now Available

Casey Scheld posted this 2 hours ago in News.

Blair Witch: VR Edition, developed by Lionsgate and Bloober Team and optimized for PlayStation and PC VR platforms, is now available.

The Blair Witch legend has seen many cinematic incarnations. A movie would be too easy, so how about a Blair Witch VR experience? Blair Witch: The VR Experience brings the infamous tale to life in a way we could only have dreamed of. This time, the horror is high-tech, and you will get to witness a murder in the woods for yourself. The device that you will be using is the Samsung Gear VR, a virtual reality headset that immerses you in a different world by putting you in the middle of a virtual reality movie.. Read more about blair witch vr epic games and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Blair Witch VR?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question.

How long is Blair Witch VR?

Blair Witch VR is around 2 hours and 15 minutes long.

Is outlast on VR?

Outlast is not available on VR.

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