Black Desert has updated the central marketplace and opened up the option to add family names to characters in your account. This is a small but important change to the game’s identity. It’s not going to change the game or how it plays, but it’s going to make more people stick around and play it.

The more time we spend in the game, the more we notice how the lord of the castle and the village people interact with each other. We see the lord buying and selling items in the marketplace and the villagers show dissatisfaction with the lord for being unfair. Sometimes we see a village dispute erupt, and sometimes we see an angry villager making a new character in a different clan. Many of these scenarios are daily occurrences in the game, and it is easy to get lost in the drama and forget the reason we are playing the game.

The market in Black Desert has been steadily improving, but it seems that the latest update has gone a step further, and is now allowing players who haven’t had any family members deleted to open up their family names. This makes the process much easier if you’re not that attached to your family tree, and also makes it easier to get family names you would have had to delete if you were a very minor character.

word-image-5669 Black Desert ‘s Geidel Ball is just over a week away, and the developers are busy with a multitude of promotions – not to mention the latest PC patch. First up, Pearl Abyss has revealed some of the fun events that will take place during the ball, including a player poll and party giveaways. The team’s talking about Black Desert TV. No, it’s not really television, but given its partnership with Bugatti earlier this week, you might wonder. This is just the game’s home page for all official and unofficial streams. This week’s PC patch includes the aforementioned Bugatti community event, some minor balance adjustments for various classes, and a rule change for the game’s central marketplace. The rules for adjusting prices in the central market have been changed. Weapons are now treated as a single item (group), regardless of their class. But even after the 21st. April, there was always a problem where the market price could change drastically if the price of a particular weapon increased from the standard price. Therefore, we have changed the order in which the price of a single weapon fluctuates and made the price dependent on the amount of the transaction, so that the price of a single weapon no longer fluctuates according to specific transactions. In addition, for high value items (with a price equal to or less than 20 billion silver) in the current standard (as of June 7), we have changed that the specified items will appear 15 minutes after they are put on the central market, and the peace message will be displayed at the same time. (If the item is on pre-order, a separate message will appear. It may take 14-15 minutes for the item to arrive). Finally, we develop additional authentication steps with features such as OTP to place or purchase items above the set price in the central marketplace. Unfortunately, we could not present it today because we need time to implement and test it, but we are doing our best to develop it. In addition, if we find that this patch is not appropriate, we will consider making exceptions and changing the prices of certain items. And if you’ve never transferred your account from Cocoa, it’s too late now. The studio claims it has been removed as promised, meaning the cool names are in the public domain: The last names/characters of accounts that were not migrated were migrated during the 8 maintenance. June (Tuesday) available.

. ViewThis week, Black Desert, the game that won many hearts last year thanks to its stunning graphics, popular classes, and fascinating gameplay, updated its central market and opened up family name registration for players who had their accounts deleted. The new system makes it possible for players to create new characters using the family names of deleted accounts, and acknowledges the contribution of those players who had their accounts deleted.. Read more about bdo central market calculator and let us know what you think.

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