The new tide, that is currently being teased by the Black Desert team, is part of the new content set, the Forsaken Tide, which will be introduced with the new update. This will be the first time that Black Desert will have a crossover with another game, in this case, the crossover will be with Bugatti, the French car manufacturer who has been licensed by Black Desert to allow players to drive the world famous car, which has been made in the game.

Black Desert has been teasing us about the arrival of a new tide since the start of the year. The tidal call, which occupies a particularly storied place in the game’s lore, is the basis of a new major update planned for the game. Alongside the arrival of the new tide, a series of updates will bring Black Desert to new devices not previously supported. Players will have the opportunity to own a new vehicle, as well as a new ranger class. The game also has plans for a crossover with Bugatti across all platforms.

word-image-4007 *SHOOT! VOC! IMPORTANT! Ignore that sound, it’s the sound of Black Desert trying to fit a square Bugatti into the round hole of his game world. Yes, Bugatti – the hypercar manufacturer – will be present in the MMO in the form of branded cosmetics that can be purchased in the Pearl Shop, and special event quests for PC, consoles, and mobile devices that offer unique items like the Dancing Elephant trophy and a speed boosting item. I guess it’s better than getting scammed for digital Gucci handbags?   Of course, there’s more than just cross-pollination, as all three games have received updates. New features include new items for repairing forts, command posts, and campaign headquarters in Node and Conquest War, as well as changes to the central marketplace for PC players; new blue equipment and life skill items on console; and the launch of Siege War Preliminary with a new location and a number of changes for mobile players. Additionally, all three games released the same trailer yesterday, hinting at the arrival of the new tide this summer and referencing the Into the Waves update. This clearly means that there will be Marines on all three platforms, but it could also indicate something underwater. Anyway, we have Bugatti videos and teaser videos to replay below.


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