The Balenos and Miitomo Summer Sales are rolling along, with the first Balenos Summer Event ending on June 11, and the second ending on June 18. Additionally, the smaller Summer Rewards event will be running through the weekend of June 18-19. The Balenos Summer Rewards event will still be available to purchase through the regular Event Shop, but this time around, it will drop a new special item that will be necessary to unlock the final Summer Reward.

The summertime Night Market kicks off in Calpheon on June 22nd and it runs for two weeks. The new event is based around the profession of fishing and is called Fishing Festival. The event will run at the Sage’s Sculpture Garden, located near the town of Porto Bello. It is an open-air location so you can fish without getting in trouble with local guards.

Last week at Gamescom 2018, we announced that Dark Willow would be the new boss in the Atoraxxion dungeon.


In Black Desert on PC, it’s time to enjoy the summer season. The Terrmian Night Market is now open, and players are urged to snap promotional-styled pictures of it for a chance to win in-game prizes and real items. There are a few other competitions going on right now, so anybody interested in participating should read up on all of the specifics.

Another round of class adjustments has been applied in this week’s game update; players can now gain monster knowledge in Balenos more easily thanks to a 10% increase; a new monster has been added to reduce easy farming in Star’s End; and the death penalty for dying in Atoraxxion on season and normal servers has been removed entirely, while the penalty for Elvia Realm servers has remained the same.

Finally, the game’s terms of service have been updated to add wording regarding gaming sweatshops and account piloting in the part about bot farming. Accounts caught engaging in this kind of activity will have their accounts permanently banned, as well as their IP and hardware restricted.

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