There are a few things that you need to know about this dungeon, and I’m going to list them for you here. This dungeon will be available on launch day, which means that it will be available to everyone right away. The dungeon will only be available to those who have purchased the Atoraxxian Expansion pack, which is currently on sale in the In-game store for only 1,000 Silver. For those of you who don’t know, the Atoraxxian is a large, desert island. Today, we start off with a short video of it!

For those who are familiar with Dragon Knight, it was a huge success. From the beginning, it received a lot of positive feedback, and the community was very eager for the second chapter. Fortunately, it has been confirmed that the second chapter will be released in the near future. The players will be able to enjoy a unique Atoraxxian dungeon experience with other players. The co-op action will be much more intense and entertaining than the previous Dragon Knight game.

Black Desert Online is one of the most anticipated MMO’s of 2016, and with the release date only months away, the game is experiencing a feverish pace of updates. Just this week, the team released a video previewing the new Atoraxxian dungeon. This dungeon will be a Black Desert’s first cooperative dungeon, and one of the hardest dungeons in the game.

word-image-14932 From the outside, it looks like Black Desert is a game about grind, conquest, button wars, and (in my personal case) coming back into the game after a long absence and completely forgetting the attack buttons that go with it. In short, it doesn’t feel like a game about dungeon crawling and working together. Perhaps some of those assumptions will be dispelled with this preview video of the new cooperative dungeon coming to the MMORPG. This new dungeon is called Atoraxxian, the last fortress, a place where ancient weapons are made, powered by a central structure that works like a PC processor. Atoraxxian is divided into four different themes – Desert, Canyon, Sea Depths and Forest – and each theme is unlocked separately and the difficulty of the dungeons increases. The developers are currently planning to release a desert theme first, followed by a sea depth theme. There will also be different difficulty levels depending on which server PC players are on, while console players will see a normal difficulty version. Atoraxxian will feature special obstacles, a variety of ancient weapons with unique properties, and even puzzle elements for the player to solve. Combat encounters will focus on cooperation, promising not to make ordinary encounters with mobs too intense or extreme. However, confrontations with bosses require a more tactical mindset to defeat them. The video below, as the first cooperative dungeon crawler experience in Black Desert , should be very interesting to players, with a glimpse of the mechanics of the game, a story drop, and even a coupon code at the end. Yay for coupons! Hooray for dungeons!

. ViewThe new dungeon Atoraxx, which features a new co-op mode, will be added to Black Desert Next during its first closed testing phase. Atoraxx is a complex dungeon where group cooperation is essential to overcome its challenges. The dungeon’s four-player mode will be available to all players, but this time it will be a cooperative experience where players will have to work together to complete the dungeon. The new challenge is available to solo players as well, but they will not be able to access the dungeon if they fail to cooperate with others.. Read more about bdo dungeons and let us know what you think.

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