Since we first started The Gamers Challenge (TGC) back on February 21, 2016, we’ve been around for over a year and we’ve had time to recognize some of the great players that we’ve seen on the site. We’ve seen some players that we were sure would be great eventually, but they’ve been ignored for a long time, and some disappointing players that we hoped would come around eventually have been absent from the site. We’ve been disappointed by some of the people who have been on the site, and we’ve been happy for others that have established themselves as great players over the past year.

Corrupt  and a  few  others  chose  to  vote  for  me  for  URF  champions  in  August.  I  want  to  thank  all  of  you  who  voted  for  me  in  URF  champions  and  want  to  thank  all  of  you  for  all  of  your  time

We are looking forward to seeing who will win the Best URF Champion for this year. If there are any other posts out there that should be added, let us know! We are looking forward to seeing how the competition will go, so good luck to all the players!


URF Champions of the Year will be discussed in this post. Are you the kind of gamer that enjoys being pushed by powerful characters? 

League-of-Legends League of Legends is a video game developed by Riot Games.


Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is one of League of Legends’ most competitive game modes, featuring a collection of powerful heroes. It has been popular among gamers since its addition to the game in 2014. Though some may hate the game mode since it makes it almost impossible for a character to escape the tower, it is the beauty of the game that keeps it fascinating and hard. 

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What does it mean to be a URF Champion? 

This League of Legends 5v5 game mode is a popular favorite since it enables players to select any hero they want to battle against the other side. The hero characters accessible in the game are referred to as URF champions. Each URF champion has its own set of strengths and flaws that distinguishes them from the others. Their mana and energy consumption are lowered by 100%, enabling every player in the game to spam their chosen champion’s highlighted abilities. Furthermore, the selected champion receives an additional boost in the game, making them stronger than the others. 

best-URF-Champions- URF Champions of the Year

2021 List of URF Tiers

The URF tier list for 2021 is as follows. This tier list is based on feedback from our audience. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Best URF Champions
Lee Sin 

URF-Tier-List URF Tier List

[August] Best URF Champions 2021

The majority of URF champions are capable of fighting team opponents in the URF game mode. However, how much the champion benefits from the Awesome Buff, which gives all selected URF champions of players in the game reduced cooldowns, enhanced attack speed, and limitless mana, may be used to identify the strongest champion that will stand out among the others. 

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If a champion can benefit from an infinite amount of abilities or acquire a 2.5 attack speed, he or she will most likely be included in the list below of the greatest champions to select and utilize in URF. 


This champion is ideal for Ultra Rapid Fire since she possesses two dashes, an executive, and a stun. Her spells have a significantly shorter cooldown and cost no mana. At the start of the game, the Edge of Ixtal and Terrashape will be granted a very short cooldown, and this URF champion should sprint and fire off as many Qs as possible to counter any incoming assaults from the opponents. 

Qiyana-URF-Champions URF Champions of Qiyana


No champion can escape this champion’s Unstoppable Forces, which are the reason he is on the list. At level 1, his ultimate has a 26-second cooldown, while at rank 2, it’s approximately 21 seconds. 

Malphite-URF-Champions URF Champions of Malphite


Because to his propensity to fire out Mystic Shot after Mystic Shot, this champion is regarded the original powerful in URF. This technique enrages the opponents and causes them to explode before they can counter-attack. As long as his Arcane Shift isn’t wasted, he may be developed via AD or AP and still be the most damaging member of his squad. 

Ezreal-URF-Champions URF Champions of Ezreal


 This champion can sprint around team battles and cover gaps with his Phase Dive, which is very irritating to the other team, but his Chronobreak is even more so. Not to mention his Parallel Convergence, which stuns opponents for 2.25 seconds and has a 4.4-second cooldown while at rank 1, making it ideal for starting a team fight. He’s one of the game’s most evasive champions, and he’s unkillable if the opponent can’t gain adequate crowd control during champion choosing.

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Ekko-URF-Champions Champions of Ekko URF

Lee Sin 

When it comes to Ultra Rapid Fire, this champion has the greatest skill ceiling among the other champions. The Blind Monk is all about the player’s APM and reaction time, thanks to his skills and dependence on ward-hopping. Any opponent champion might be blown to bits by the combination of Dragon Rages and Sonic Waves before they even realized it.

Lee-Sin-URF-Champions URF Champions Lee Sin


When Shaco’s Q is maxed out, it has a 2-second cooldown, which means the Demon Jester will most likely be invisible throughout the next Ultra Rapid Fire. To master this champion, the player must first build a full AP, then deceive inside the enemy’s range, throw out a Two-Shiv Poison, deceive again, and so on. It may be tedious to use this combination, but it is the best for racking up kills and aggravating the other enemy champions. 

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Shaco-URF-Champions URF Champions Shaco


With the addition of an 80 percent cooldown reduction, this champion is becoming even more powerful. She can Shunpo her way around any team battle and dance from the blade to avoid any kinds of crowd control that come her way. 

Katarina-URF-Champions URF Champions Katarina


In another game style, this champion is an obnoxious assassin capable of deleting a squishy and escaping unharmed. However, with URF, this champion gets more tilting, and his abilities become more irritating to opposing players since his cooldown is so short that he is nearly difficult to target. He’s the kind of champion that gamers despise seeing in the game.

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Fizz-URF-Champions Champions of Fizz URF


Because this URF champion is armed with QSS, catching him while roaming the map and eliminating squishes is almost difficult. He is usually the champion that is selected to be banned, but if he manages to go through the game, the player must have a rudimentary understanding of his abilities in order to complete the combination. 

Zed-URF-Champions URF Champions Zed

Most Commonly Asked Questions

First and foremost, who is URF’s most powerful champion? Answer: Each champion has their own set of skills and combos that they use to demonstrate their talents, and they’re all worth trying out to see if the champion is right for you. However, it is strongly recommended that you attempt Katarina and Zed first, since these two champions have a talent that can overwhelm any other champion. It also puts you at ease while playing these champions, but you must first learn how to utilize their abilities and perform combinations properly. 

Is it worthwhile to play League of Legends in 2021? Answer: Despite the fact that there are many new games on the market, playing LoL is a lot of fun due of its infinite variety. Though mastering everything may take some time, the patience required to learn is well worth it. 

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This concludes the Best URF Champions and URF Tier List for 2021. If you’re new to omggamer, sign up for our email to stay up to speed on the latest gaming news.

This is the third year of the “Best URF Champions” series. If you’re not sure what an “URF” is, you’ll have to stay tuned to the blog for this series, but for now, you can think of it as a “Survival of the Fittest” type competition. The first year of the series featured the “Best of the Troops”, which involved members of the URF community, developers, YouTubers, and streamers. This year, the series will officially include the “Best of All Time”, which is meant to crown the best of all time, across all categories.. Read more about annoying urf champs and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best champion for URF?

The best champion for URF is Rona.

Is URF coming back 2021?

It is not known if URF will be returning in 2021, but it is highly likely.

What is Arurf?

Arurf is a fictional character in the game The Legend of ZeldBreath of the Wild.

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