Elden Ring is a new action RPG from the makers of Diablo III. We’ve compiled all our best ranks and stats for each class below, so you can get an idea of how your character will grow as they level up.

The “best class in elden ring reddit” is a question that has been asked by many. The article will analyze the top 10 classes in Elden Ring.

Best Elden Ring Classes FULL ANALYSIS

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This guide to the Greatest Elden Ring Classes will go through all of the Elden Ring classes and which ones are the best and worst.

You’ll want to choose the greatest Elden Ring class for your beginning characters if you’re playing Elden Ring. There are ten different Elden Ring classes to choose from.

The majority of Best Elden Ring class guides will quickly point out that your decision has no long-term ramifications in the endgame since there are no class-specific equipment or spell limitations. Everything is reliant on your equipment and stats, which is correct.

Your Elden Ring class decision, on the other hand, will have a significant influence on your gaming experience. First and foremost, it establishes the tone for how you want to develop your character. Most likely, you’ll choose a class that excels in an area where you already want to specialize your build. You wouldn’t choose a mage class, then sell all your spells and start putting points into strength at random, would you?

Second, Elden Ring is a difficult and time-consuming game. The early and middle phases of the game are lengthy. You won’t be able to replace all of your stuff right away, particularly if you don’t have a guide. For a long period, you won’t be able to respec your stats.

For a long time, your Elden Ring class choice will determine your playstyle, stats, equipment, and overall appearance, so it’s a good idea to complete the introductory dungeon using a variety of classes to discover which one you like.

So, although it may not matter in the long run, I believe you should give some attention to which Elden Ring class is ideal for you. It makes a significant difference.

Elden Ring Classes: What’s the Difference?

Each of the Elden Ring classes is distinguished by three characteristics. They are as follows:

  • Getting Started Equipment
  • Stats to Begin
  • Look at the visuals

Obviously Look at the visuals comes from equipment, but I just want to point out as a separate category that for most players, the Look at the visuals you pick at the start will be lasting with you at least several hours, and you’ll probably be wearing pieces of your starting gear long after that. In Elden Ring, upgrades come slowly.

The same may be said about tools in general. If you don’t start with Faith equipment, for example, it will take a few hours or several hours to obtain it. The same may be said for finding a staff and other related tasks.

I’m going to go through each of the Elden Ring classes one by one and provide some general advice on which Elden Ring classes are the worst and greatest for beginning players.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Vagabond

best elden ring classes vagabond

Vagabond is a common knight type among the Elden Ring classes. It has a good defense. When you choose this class, you’ll note that it’s considerably better at blocking than most other classes, owing to the fact that it begins with a stronger shield.

The stat allocations for Vagabond are balanced between Vigor (HP), Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity, resulting in a tough, technical warrior.

Vagabond is perhaps the most defensively oriented class available, so if you’re searching for a tank, this is your best choice. Hero and Confessor are two more tank possibilities.

Because to Vagabond’s exceptional strength and endurance, you’ll be able to wear most heavy equipment you find.

Vagabond is one of several possibilities if you’re seeking for a good physical attacker with restricted range options. Vagabond, Warrior, Hero, Confessor, and Wretch are all characters that play the position in various ways.

The only Elden Ring class that begins with a Halberd is Vagabond, which is ideal for players who wish to specialize on spears.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Warrior

best elden ring classes warrior

When compared to other Elden Ring classes, Warrior stands out since it begins with dual-wield scimitars. Warrior is the class to choose if you want to dual wield and acquire a feel for the dual wield playstyle early on.

When you’re dual wielding, you’ll be able to utilize your equipped weapon’s Ashes of War talent in addition to doing greater damage with ordinary attacks. If your left hand is vacant or you’re two-handeding your weapon, you may utilize this talent.

Warrior’s build is obviously geared toward Dexterity, which is useful not just for scimitars but also for bows and other ranged weapons, since Dexterity scales.

A Dexterity-focused design is appealing since it is straightforward. Rather of balancing your build across many characteristics, you might concentrate on pumping points into Dexterity and Vigor, with just enough Strength to equip the gear you get.

The absence of a shield is undoubtedly the major disadvantage of a dual wield build. Another issue is dealing with protected foes that don’t reveal their backs when Guard Counters and Parries aren’t available.

Warrior doesn’t have a ranged option to begin with, and his defenses aren’t especially strong. It’s comparable to Bandit and Samurai in that they’re both Dexterity-focused combatants who will likely have a similar gameplay experience. Warrior, on the other hand, begins with just two weapons and no ranged choice.

I think you should also consider that Warrior’s costume is particularly cool when compared to the other Elden Ring classes. Is this the most powerful Elden Ring class? Samurai seems to have a similar build, although it starts with more diverse equipment selections. I believe it boils down to this: would you like to begin with a bow or dual wield? Which of the two costumes do you prefer? The fundamental distinction between Warrior and Bandit/Samurai is this.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Hero

best elden ring classes hero

Hero is the Elden Ring class that most closely resembles Vagabond. It’s a construct with a lot of health and strength. In comparison to Vagabond, it gives up Dexterity and a few points in Mind in exchange for more Strength.

Hero is the greatest template for getting a complete Strength/Vigor build at the sacrifice of virtually everything else.

There are advantages and disadvantages to adopting the Hero as a template for a strength-focused construct. Ranged attacks will be less effective than Dexterity or Intelligence builds, despite the fact that ranged attacks are quite beneficial in Elden Ring.

Hero, on the other hand, will be much more survivable because to its high health, defense, and access to heavy equipment.

As a strength-based build, you’ll still have a lot of choices, but they’ll be considerably more constrained.

Vagabond and Hero are quite similar. If you’re going to select between the two, I’d go with the one that seems more aesthetically appealing to you. In terms of stats, Vagabond is more balanced. Hero devotes more time and effort on Strength/Health.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Bandit

best elden ring classes bandit

Bandit has a lot of Arcane when compared to the other Elden Ring classes. Arcane is a strange stat, and it’s probably not obvious what it does if you’re new to Elden Ring.

In Elden Ring, arcane is essentially luck. It improves the likelihood of foes dropping stuff. Several special pieces of equipment and spells also have Arcane prerequisites, which enables you to equip some spells and pieces of gear that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Reduvia, for example, is a powerful blade that needs 13 Arcane to get early on.

However, bear in mind that Arcane is only used for a select few items, notably Incantations (faith-based spells) and Sorceries (intelligence-based spells).

Bandit starts with good Dexterity and a bow, in addition to a boatload of Arcane. It’s obvious that it’s designed to be a Dexterity-based combatant. As a Dexterity-based fighter template, it competes with Samurai and Warrior in this regard.

If you don’t favor Arcane, Samurai and Warrior both start with dual wield, so Bandit isn’t necessary.

Another option to consider is the Arcane dagger. If you want to utilize daggers, Bandit is definitely the way to go. It’s set up to equip it straight away, and it’s been the greatest dagger for a long time.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Astrologer

best elden ring classes astrologer

Astrologer is your resident mage when it comes to Elden Ring courses. Glintstone Pebble, a bread-and-butter magic projectile, and Glinstone Arc, a spell that strikes a larger area, are the first two spells.

Elden Ring’s magic is quite powerful, and Astrologer performs well. Fights in close quarters, being swamped by several adversaries, and other magicians are all weaknesses of this setup. It thrives, though, on many bosses and most material in general, when you can remain mostly out of harm’s way while sniping opponents with hard-hitting spells.

When it comes to casting spells, you only have two options: Prisoner or Astrologer. Prisoner focuses on hybrid/melee combat. The magic expert is the astrologer.

Starting as an Astrologer makes a lot of sense if you wish to utilize magic. Not just because of its magical stats, but also because everything you’d need to make a mage is tough to come across early on, and Astrologer comes with everything you’d need.

Getting a staff early necessitates going above and above. Obtaining spells early necessitates defeating a boss.

So, in my view, if you’re going to be a magician, start with Astrologer and save yourself some time. Overall, Magic is a great game that is a good fit for beginner players. Astrologer is, in my view, one of the greatest Elden Ring courses.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Prophet

best elden ring classes prophet

Prophet is your resident cleric in terms of Elden Ring courses. It all begins with a Seal, which is a shield-like object that permits you to cast Incantations (Faith-based magic).

If you don’t start as a Prophet or Confessor, it will be a long time before you can use Seals or Incantations, so if you want to use them right away, you should choose one of those classes.

Prophet begins with the spells Catch Flame and Heal. Catch Flame is a melee fire spell, and Heal, as the name implies, restores your health.

Prophet also has a spear and a shield, which are relatively common. Your sword and shield are ancillary to your primary role as a spellcaster.

The primary purpose for choosing Prophet is to cast Incantations. You may not know what Incantations are if you’re new to Elden Ring. Incantations are mostly healing spells, buffs, and elemental magic (fire, lightning, ice). It isn’t as offensively oriented as sorcery, but it’s close, and it’s far from purely healing/buffs.

If you wish to cast Incantations on a regular basis, Prophet is the ideal Elden Ring class. It’s as simple as that. Confessor is a good option if you just want to cast buffs and heal once in a while.


best elden ring classes samurai

Along with Warrior and Bandit, Samurai is the last of the Dexterity-focused fighting classes. It is, in my view, the finest Dexterity class to begin with simply due of the equipment possibilities. Warrior and Samurai are almost similar, with the exception that Samurai receives a longbow, fire arrows, and a katana, which may be simply replaced if you wish to dual wield.

Warrior, on the other hand, begins with dual wield and requires you to either obtain a bow or depend on made throwing darts to progress. It’s a compromise. In Elden Ring, reliable ranged damage is much more effective than dual wielding, however the only difference between Samurai and Warrior is the first few of hours and the appearance. A Samurai will be able to dual wield extremely rapidly, and a Warrior will be able to range very quickly.

Bandit, your second Dexterity fighter choice, is mostly chosen if you wish to roll with Daggers or if you want some additional Arcane stat to gain more item drops (more crafting) and perhaps more exotic equipment possibilities.

So it’s all up to you. Samurai is, in my view, the finest overall choice for a beginning class if you desire a Dexterity-based fighter, making it one of the top Elden Ring classes.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Prisoner

best elden ring classes prisoner

Prisoner is most well-known for his bizarre-looking helmet.

After that, the key feature of Prisoner is that it’s a Dexterity-fighter/Mage mix, which is a strange combination. The biggest benefit, which is not immediately apparent, is that Dexterity enhances magic cast speed, which is important since many spells are sluggish.

Imagine a playstyle where you enhance your weapon and cast spells quicker but weaker than a regular mage, and it’s up to you how much you want to concentrate on weapon vs. magic when thinking about Prisoner.

In actuality, I’m not sure this works well, given the major purpose to be a Dexterity fighter is to acquire ranged damage at the cost of survivability.

Prisoner has an intriguing playstyle that is rather unique to it, which is that of a Dexterity-focused mage. The biggest advantage of doing this early on is that you will not run out of arrows.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Confessor

best elden ring classes confessor

Confessor, like Prophet, begins with a Seal equipped, allowing it to cast Incantations. Confessor, unlike Prophet, is a melee-oriented character. This is the first step toward becoming a melee-focused class with Incantations as a backup.

Urgent Heal and Assassin’s Approach are included. I believe that Assassin’s strategy is dubious at best. It’s essentially a stealth bonus, and although stealth is useful in many situations, it’s not always necessary. Urgent Heal is somewhat more effective than health potions, but it isn’t a game-changer.

Confessor looks great in his lovely cloak, Urgent Heal improves as your Faith grows, and later Incantations are more enjoyable. There are boosts for elemental weapons, defensive buffs, and status recovery spells, among other things. It’s a pretty helpful set of tools.

Confessor is essentially what you’d get if you took the balanced, tanky Vagabond class and reduced its tankiness while adding healing and support spells.

Confessor’s biggest flaw is that it doesn’t acquire a good ranged damage option for a long time. It will receive some excellent Incantations to depend on at some point, but not for at least a few hours. Until then, you’ll have to make do with flimsy bows and throwing knives.

Confessor is a wonderful pick for you if all of that is what you’re searching for in a character.

Best Elden Ring Classes – Wretch

best elden ring classes wretch

Many folks will look at Wretch and assume that there is a tradeoff in terms of having greater control over your character or having a few extra stat points to play with overall.

In reality, the stat points for all Elden Ring classes are the same. Players with keen eyes will observe that they all begin at various levels, with the right number of stat points for their level.

Furthermore, most classes are better suited to their speciality than the Wretch, since they discard certain unnecessary attributes in favor of more specialized stats in their build. For example, an astrologer may increase their intelligence by subtracting points from Faith and Strength.

So it’s unclear if this perfectly balanced stat distribution is really optimum or superior to what other classes get.

If you choose Wretch, you’re actually choosing the difficulty of beginning with no equipment, since it’ll be a long time until you have everything you need.

However, the playstyle of starting from the ground up could be precisely what you’re searching for. If that’s the case, Wretch would be the ideal Elden Ring class for you.

The Best Elden Ring Class, in Conclusion

So, which Elden Ring class is the best to begin with?

Gut instinct, I’d say:

  • Astrologer: Magic is very powerful; it’s extremely tough to swiftly transform other classes into mages.
  • Samurai: Dexterity-based fighters have great ranged damage, which is quite valuable, and Samurai has the finest beginning kit of any class.
  • Vagabond: If you don’t want to die soon and want to stroll about with a shield over your head blocking everything, Vagabond is a good option.

Beyond that, I believe a lot of it comes down to the playstyle’s taste. The playstyles of Confessor, Prophet, and Prisoner are all enjoyable, engaging, and slightly distinct. For a short length of time, Samurai is probably somewhat superior than Warrior, but otherwise they are almost comparable. Bandit is a tad weaker than the others, but he has access to a few more equipment. Vagabond and Hero are also extremely similar.

So, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong if you choose:

  • Do you want to be a tanky melee fighter that relies on strength? Hero or vagabond?
  • Do you wish to be a ranged fighter with a lot of power? Warrior, Samurai, or Bandit
  • Are you interested in becoming a mage? Astrologer
  • Battle-mage crossbreed? Prisoner
  • Are you looking for healing, support, or elemental magic? Prophet
  • Healers in a fighter? Confessor
  • Do you want it to be more difficult? Wretch

That pretty about covers it up.

That’s all there is to the Elden Ring Leveling Guide. More RPG instructions may be found on the main page, and more Elden Ring tutorials can be found in the Elden Ring area.

The “best character base elden ring reddit” is a new game that has been released in the last few months. The game is on the Elden Ring server. It was created by Blizzard and is a part of World of Warcraft. The game offers players an opportunity to create their own class and level it up to be stronger than others. There are also many different races, classes, and skills for players to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class to play in Elden Ring?

A: The best class to play in Elden Ring is the Berserker, which has a high damage output.

Do classes matter in Elden Ring?

A: Yes and no. Each class has their own set of skills to use and abilities, but you can swap between classes at any time during the game without penalty.

Is the confessor a good class in Elden Ring?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many variables that go into making a good class in an RPG. In general though, the Confessor has some of the highest damage output and armor due to its Prayer skill line.

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