On January 9th, 2017, Ark launched a new game mode for their game ARK: Survival Evolved. This new game mode is called “Ark’s New Space Dolphin” and it is a unique new take of a traditional survival game, where players will be the only surviving creatures from the ARK universe. Here’s how to tame and use it.

In Ark, you’ll find yourself in a world filled with dinosaurs that have survived on Earth after the extinction of the dinosaurs, and by default, have to fend for themselves. While the game made a name for itself as an Ark survival game, it might not be the best one for you. Ark: Survival of the Fittest, however, is the answer to the problems of Ark.

Today you will be learning how to tame an Astrodelphis and ride it around in the Ark. Astrodelphis are the new space dolphins, that Ark can ride around on. The reason for the name being Astrodelphis is because they are part of the family of delphinidae. There are two facts about the Astrodelphis, besides the fact that they are space dolphins, they are very unique. First, they are a hybrid species and second, they are adaptable. They can be tamed to use any of the equipment on the Ark, and they can be tamed to be aggressive, passive, and even tamed to be passive eel. The reason you would want to tame one and ride it around on the

The game’s most recent update, Genesis 2, included several fantastic new animals, but one of the most intriguing is the Astrodelphis, a space dolphin. But how can you tame an Astrodelphis?


  • To tame an Astrodelphis, locate and seclude one.
  • Pet the Astrodelphis by pressing E.
  • To feed the Astrodelphis element, press E.
  • Repeat the procedure until the Astrodelphis is tamed.


Astrodelphis Taming Techniques

The Astrodelphis is a passive tame, which means you don’t have to knock it out to tame it; instead, you must hand feed it element to tame it.

Once you’ve decided which Astrodelphis to tame, you’ll need to remove it from its pod. You may accomplish this using a net gun, netting the other Astrodelphis and kiting the one you wish to tame away, or just carrying a pistol and murdering the others.

When you have the Astrodelphis alone, approach it from the side rather than the front, since it will bite and knock you back. You will be able to pet the Astrodelphis from its side; you will need to do this a few times to keep it calm.

You will have the choice to feed the Astrodelphis element after it has calmed down. As with other passive tames, this must be in the final position in your hot bar to function. The Astrodelphis will then accelerate, and you’ll have to utilize your jetpack to keep up with it while waiting for it to calm down.

Once the Astrodelphis has slowed down, just repeat the procedure until the Astrodelphis has been completely tamed.

You should equip yourself because when the Astrodelphis takes off, there’s a possibility you’ll come across Seekers or Voidwyrms, and you’ll have to decide whether to fight or flee.

Ark-Astrodelphis-tame-1024x429 Ark-Astrodelphis-tame-1024x429 Astrodelphis need more than one element each feed, so make sure you have enough.

The Astrodelphis isn’t difficult to train. It’s a very valuable beast now that it has the new Starwing saddle. In starfighter mode on PVP servers, you may take use of its super-speed and powerful strikes.

Finally, when taming an Astrodelphis, be sure to check the time, since the ship will fly into hyperspeed at midnight, causing you to lose your pet. Before you begin, double-check that you have enough time; if you’re unsure, wait until the morning.

Tips for Ark Astrodelphis

Now that you know how to tame an Astrodelphis, there are a few pointers to help you along the way.

Astrodelphis That Have Been Captured Are Easier To Control.

In the space biome, there are many asteroids; if you are near enough to one to lead the Astrodelphis to it, attempt to trap it in one; this way, all you have to do is remain by its side and spam E.

ark-Astrodelphis-guide-1024x429 ark-Astrodelphis-guide-1024x429 An asteroid has imprisoned Astrodelphis.

Put on your Tek Armor.

When taming an Astrodelphis, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, when taming an Astrodelphis, make sure you’re wearing the normal Tek armor from Genesis 2, since you’ll need it to fly about in the space biome.

You won’t be able to utilize the jetpack if you don’t have the Tek armor, and you won’t be able to keep up with the Astrodelphis if you don’t have the Tek armor.

Where Can You Find Astrodelphis?

To tame an Astrodelphis, go to the space biome, which is located in the ship’s center, between the Eden and Rockwell sides.

The space biome has several entrances, which you may access from both the Rockwell and Eden sides of the ship. The materials in the space biome vary every day, so you might be able to perform some farming while you’re there.

Approach Astrodelphis from the side at all times.

Even though Astrodelphis are passive tamers, they will nevertheless strike you if you go too near to their lips. This hit doesn’t cause much harm, but while you’re taming, the last thing you want is a dolphin playing space tennis with your body.

Astrodelphis-taming-guide-1024x429 Astrodelphis-taming-guide-1024x429 Keeping your distance from the mouth of the Astrodelphis prevents it from attacking you.

What Is The Best Way To Make An Astrodelphis Saddle?

You must be level 120 to create the Starwing saddle for your Astrodelphis tame, which may be discouraging to new Ark players. However, you do not need to have unlocked the saddle to use it, so just post a trade request in chat and see if someone will build you one.

Ark-Tamed-Astrodelphis-1024x429 Ark-Tamed-Astrodelphis-1024x429

However, it is worth trading or grinding for the saddle; once you have one, you will not be disappointed; the Astrodelphis are very fast and excellent in PVP battle.

If you have already reached level 120, you will be able to construct the Starwing saddle in the Tek Replicator after you have tamed Astrodelphis.

Make use of the Tame Tracker.

Because the Astrodelphis will fly away between meals, it’s recommended to use the tame tracker to keep track of where it travels. This way, you won’t lose track of where it’s gone.

Astrodelphis-1024x429 Tracked Astrodelphis Astrodelphis that has been tracked

In the Ark: Survival Evolved community, the titular creature is a beloved pet—a loyal companion that assists players in combat and can even latch on and ride. In the game’s latest expansion, the astrodelphis has been added as a brand new tameable species, which means players can now keep this cute sea-dolphin as a pet on their Ark.. Read more about space dolphin ark command and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tame an Astro dolphin?

You cant.

Can you tame Astrodelphis?

Unfortunately, Astrodelphis cannot be tamed.

How do you tame a space whale in Ark?

You need to use a tranquilizer gun and some bait.

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