Apple seeks to throw out Epic’s appeal of anti-trust lawsuit, and the case may not be heard until next year. The recent ruling serves as a blow for digital distribution platforms like Steam which have grown in popularity over the past decade but remain under fire from developers and publishers who feel they are losing too much money.

The “apple external payment” is a lawsuit that Apple is seeking to throw out. There are no current updates on when the case will be heard, but it may not be until next year.

Apple seeks to throw out Epic’s appeal of anti-trust lawsuit, and the case may not be heard until next year


You thought the tale was ended, didn’t you? You don’t have two kaiju-sized businesses having the legal equivalent of a toddler slap fight without it being dragged out, my lovely summer kid. This whole saga began in 2020, when Epic Games utilized the mobile version of Fortnite to attempt to evade both Apple and Google’s payment methods, which Epic said were monopolistic.

The Apple v. Epic lawsuit stretched on for the greater part of 2020 and 2021, culminating in a September judgement that found in favor of Apple on nine of ten charges but nevertheless resulted in an injunction prohibiting Apple from banning third-party purchasing mechanisms beginning in December. Apple attempted to have the third-party payment injunction halted, which was first refused but then accepted, while Epic’s appeal was supported by 35 state attorneys general and the US Justice Department.

Apple is asking the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing the case to dismiss Epic’s appeal outright, arguing that Epic is requiring the judiciary to “fundamentally change the App Store by forcing Apple to abandon the integrated distribution and digital-content delivery model that, among many other pro-competitive benefits, helps safeguard user security and privacy” while not offering any alternative solution.

Before the appeals court schedules a full hearing, both parties may submit another round of arguments, which may not happen until next year. Essentially, we’ll all have to bunker down and wait for the next stage of The ProcessTM to unfold.


The “uk sales chart video games” is a news story about how Apple has sought to throw out Epic’s appeal of the anti-trust lawsuit. The case may not be heard until next year.

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