Albion Online continues to update its game to add new features and tweaks old ones. One of the most recent changes is to the weapon skills. This week, they have added new skill lines and reduced the wait time for zone skipping.

Zone skip in Albion Online is a great feature that allows players to teleport to a friend’s location in the game. But it’s not without its downsides, as it also means that you can’t go immediately into a new zone after you’ve just exited one. In the first release of the game, this meant that you had to wait, and sometimes even queue for a few seconds, to get into a new zone. But the developers have now implemented a new feature that reduces this waiting time to zero.

Albion Online is a multiplayer online game that’s combining its popular MMORPG with a strategy game. As a result, it’s creating a 3-dimensional world with a fully simulated economy. In the game, players can build, explore, fight and trade in a medieval fantasy world. Players will be able to drop down into this world, fight the monsters, and get rewards.


Sandbox Interactive is aiming for balance with today’s Albion Online update, also known as Call to Arms patch 9 or the Season 13 balance patch. Several weapon lines, as well as certain armor components, have seen significant modifications.

• Axes: Bloody Reap has been redesigned as an AoE execution tool; Rending Rage and Adrenaline Boost have been improved. • Daggers: Deadly Swipe now costs more energy when used just for movement, but is more efficient in battles. • Swords: Mobility increase returned to Heroic Charge, various E-ability cooldowns reduced, Hamstring reworked, new Crescent Slash ability for Clarent Blade added • Fire Staffs: New Q-ability, Searing Flame, added: shots deal moderate damage, fourth successful shot becomes Furious Flame for greater damage • Armors: Energy Drain (Royal Armor) has been renamed Energy Source since it no longer drains opponent energy. • Shoes: Royal March has enhanced, and Battle Frenzy and Premonition’s effective uptime has risen.

There are a few changes to the corrupted mephit, shrines, and cooldowns, as well as a few general tweaks to market alerts, new ability icons, and hideouts if you’re into corrupted dungeons. Plus, here’s one I’m happy to see: SBI has decreased the time it takes for zone skips when zones are overcrowded, which has happened a lot since the game’s popularity skyrocketed this year.


Albion Online has recently updated its game client, and some of the changes are for the better, especially when it comes to damage skills.  One of the more controversial changes is the removal of the cloak and stealth skills, which were removed to make way for a new class of Guardian skills.  These are only an added benefit to the existing skills in the game, as they don’t require a target for you to activate them.  This means that you do not need to be engaged in combat in order to use them, and there is no limit to how many you can have active at the same time.  On top of this is the addition of a new weapon skill for each of the Guardian’s three weapon types, as. Read more about swords albion online and let us know what you think.

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