We’re here just a week before the relaunch of Albion Online, but the developers have been going crazy lately. They’ve been teasing a new type of hideout, a new weapon type, and a new questline. They’ve also been hinting at a new type of map.

Albion Online is the latest game from indie developer Sandbox Interactive, who are best known for their successful multiplayer sandbox MMO project, Sandbox Arena. It’s an online fantasy survival game that has been in development for three years, and is due to launch on Steam Early Access on the 20th of January… …in the meantime, Sandbox has been busy teasing new content on their social media channels, including drop hints for a new weapon line, “the Hideout”.

Albion Online, the open world sandbox of war is preparing for a major new update. The update, known as the “Summer of the Hideout” is coming with some exciting new features. On Thursday, Albion released a new teaser video for their “Summer of the Hideout” update. One of the new features shown in the trailer is a new type of hideout that players will be able to build.


This week, Sandbox Interactive released a new dev blog focused on future balance adjustments in Albion Online, as part of its ongoing effort to “renew open world gameplay” in the PvP MMORPG.

“The current strategic balance in the Outlands encourages the formation of large power blocs, and these power blocs, in turn, have an incentive to discourage conflict and raise a stable income by requiring rental payments from guilds under their protection,” the studio explains, referring to a phenomenon that has been seen in PvP MMOs since 1997. “Rental payments may be enforced because, on the one hand, power blocks are very dominating in large-scale battles, and on the other hand, it is impossible to organize enough groups to fight against a power block at the same time. For many of them, the danger of losing their Hideout – and the trouble that comes with it – is just too great.”

As a result, the team hopes to add guild hideaway HQs, which would ideally mix up the Outlands’ renting dynamics. This is only one aspect of the forthcoming update, which will also feature “the first of three new weapon lines.” Season 14 seems to be ending early in order to start the next season sooner.

In other Albion news, the game’s most recent monthly challenge was released yesterday. Do your daily tasks and get a… heretic combat mule. Okay, it may seem silly, but it’s really very enjoyable, plus battle mounts aren’t cheap.


The Albion Online team made a very mysterious post on their official social media platforms last night. They posted a video and a few lines of text and it’s very unclear what it means. The text: “We all know there is a lot of room for exploration when it comes to Albion, so here are diamonds!”, with a diamond in the middle of the text. The video shows a silver-ish material being cut into pieces, with some pieces being fractured.. Read more about albion online bank and let us know what you think.

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