In 2021, the MMO and gaming industry is still booming. It has been a decade since games like WoW took the world by storm, leading to another era of innovation that saw some developers create their own unique worlds while creating new genres in gaming such as ARGs (Alternate Reality Games). However, this era also had its drawbacks with issues surrounding loot boxes or pay-to-win mechanics. The future for blockchain powered games looks promising due to innovations such as faster transactions on blockchain platforms and micropayments via cryptocurrency which will allow players to buy small boosts instead of large items

The “most popular game right now” is a topic that has been discussed in the past. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for games and gaming.

A look back at the MMO and gaming science topics of 2021


A long-running tradition on Massively OP is to keep track of science stories that have something to do with online games and MMOs. This is our seventh year, in fact. There were fewer stories like this last year because of COVID, and I don’t think 2021 will be any better.

Many people thought the best news of the year came right at the start. A 10-year study found that there is no connection between game violence and aggressive behaviour in people as they grow up. We also played around with Quantic Foundry’s new gamer type survey and thought about the group’s research that says men are more likely to roll female characters than women are more likely to roll male characters, among other interesting things.

Here’s hoping more people get back to work in labs and research groups so that the science articles can compete with the business and legal ones, because let’s be honest: Those took over in 2021. To keep things going until then, we’ve put together some of the best science-related articles on MOP from the past year. don’t worry, there will be no quiz at the end. I don’t know.


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