In the 22nd century, humans have colonized the entire solar system. One day, a man named John F. Smith woke up in a hospital to learn that he was the secretary to the President of the United States, a position that he had never met before. He had a lot of work to do to become the president, including a lot of paperwork and a lot of decisions to make. The first step was convincing his boss to name him the new secretary, but he had to do some convincing first.

The 22nd century: a time of hope and optimism. But the late 21st century also brought with it a new generation of machines—no longer made of steel, but of flesh and bone. These artificial intelligences are rapidly becoming more lifelike, with the development of new technologies that make them indistinguishable from biological life. With this advancement, society is changing, and the roles of humans are also evolving, with the advent of the secretary.

Elon Musk and the otaku among us may be yearning for the day when catgirls are real, but Chloro and Sekai Project’s new visual novel 2236 A.D. Secretary Stories envisions an AI girl-driven future. Although the notion of having a lovely personal assistant at your disposal seems tempting, the reality leaves much to be desired.

Review of Secretary Stories from 2236 A.D.

Masuko, the protagonist, is a fortunate man since he was able to get an AI assistant to aid him at his leisure. Yotsuba, dubbed the “Personal AI Secretary for Smart Tools” (or “PASS” for short), is a blonde-haired beauty. The following is a trip between a person and a computer in a variety of circumstances.

It might be a trip if it weren’t so mired in the ordinary. The story, when broken down into its many sections, has a terrible tendency of wandering. Players are one minute gazing at a 300 million cent payoff from a scratch-off Yostuba purchased offscreen, and the next second dealing with Masuko’s assistant’s bunny costume (yes, really).

On that point, 2236 A.D. Secretary Stories is too reliant on anime tropes. Yotsuba gets dressed up, undressed, and even uses her lap as a cushion, indicating that the author has a thing for anime females. It’s extremely nasty, and it makes the whole process an embarrassment for everyone involved. The creator is fully aware of the issue, and has tried to lighten the mood with a witty “Cut for Content” section that has appeared on numerous occasions.


Other characters are subject to the same clichés. Hime Shion, who has a cold demeanor and despises AI systems, also makes an appearance. A first-generation PASS system also makes a cameo, although she vanishes just as soon as she arrives, with little character development. As a consequence, the game concentrates only on one AI, which is insufficient to keep this visual novel afloat.

For additional impact, there are occasions when things will continue with a… or — for several lines. While it conveys the message, the frequency with which it occurs makes it an annoyance. When you throw in the “wah” and the lack of choice (there isn’t a single alternative), it may be difficult to become engaged.

This visual novel’s graphics and audio are both severely harmed. While the AI itself seems to be in good shape, everything else appears to have been hurried. The coloring works are amateurish, some of the figures are simply line drawings, and settings like schools are based on stock photos. This game is further dragged down by the usage of discordant music and harsh noises like dial-up modems on numerous times.

If 2236 A.D. Secretary Stories is any indication of the future of visual novels, things aren’t looking good. This title manages to make almost every error in the book, resulting in an AI PASS. X1ut b74oA

This review of Secretary Stories: 2236 A.D. was completed on a computer. The game may be downloaded for free.


Elon Musk and the otaku among us may be yearning for the day when catgirls are real, but Chloro and Sekai Project’s new visual novel 2236 A.D. Secretary Stories envisions an AI girl-driven future.


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