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TheGamersChallenge.com – In the Monster Legends game, you want to breed, improve, and war towards the last monster preventing pressure. There are innumerable monsters to acquire in the sport and for that you will require loads of game currencies which may be without problems generated with our Monster Legends Hack. Earning currencies, breeding monsters, unlocking them, and preventing with a clan of monsters is truely going to preserve you captivated to the game.

In the Monster Legends sport, your mission is to tame a huge group of monsters via hatching eggs, breeding them, and growing some powerful combinations. Once you have got created a strong group with the aid of breeding and growing fearsome hybrids, your monster squad might be prepared to combat in the battlefield. As you keep progressing in the game, you’ll discover ways to breed a number of the maximum effective monsters. So, preserve playing and mastering!

Battling with monsters is simple however raising, breeding, and defeating them isn’t clean in any respect. You will need some method to combat with the boss monsters, so you can earn Gems, Gold, and different rewards, but in case you need to fight much less you could usually strive out Monster Legends Hack. Therefore, plan well before you send your monsters to the battlefield.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Elements:

Before you start combating with the opponent, you’ll get a threat to recognize who your enemy is, and its elemental affiliations. In the game, every element is both strong or vulnerable towards other factors. For instance, in case your monster is guarded with the aid of water element then it can perform greater damage to those monsters that belong to the fire element. To know the strengths and weaknesses of creature factors, maintain reading!

  1. The Thunder Element is stronger than Water and weaker than Earth.
  2. The Earth Element is stronger than Thunder and weaker than Dark.
  3. The Dark Element is stronger than Earth and weaker than Light.
  4. The Light Element is stronger than Dark and weaker than Magic.
  5. The Magic Element is stronger than Light and weaker than Nature
  6. The Nature Element is stronger than Magic and weaker than Fire.
  7. The Fire Element is stronger than Nature and weaker than Water.
  8. The Water Element is stronger than Fire and weaker than Thunder.

Once you have identified the elements of your opponents, create your monster team. Ensure that you select the monsters that have elemental affiliations stronger than the opponent monsters. Plan carefully and select your monsters. When you are sure that your monsters are more powerful than the opponents, then you should start with the fight in the arena.

Special Skills Of Monsters:

Each monster is inbuilt with a special skill. To know these special abilities of the monsters before a fight is very important. Click on the monster icon, then on the habitat icon, to check the special skill of a particular monster. Once you know the special skills of your monsters, you will be able to select those who will cause maximum amount of damage on the opponent.

Moreover, there are some skills that can cause damage to a single monster at a time, whereas there are other skills that can cause damage to multiple enemies at a time. So, check about these skills before sending your monsters to the battlefield. To know more about this feature, check the skills section in the game.

Attack And Defense Items:

In the game, you will come across some special items. These items are helpful in the battlefield and can be purchased by spending Gold which you already know can be acquired by Monster Legends Hack. You can buy the Attack item for the enemy monster and the Defense item for the friendly monster.

Farming For Monsters:

To make your monsters stronger, you need to feed them with good food. When they grow strong, they will be able to fight with other strong monsters in the arena. Moreover, stronger monsters will be able to reach new levels in the game. So, it is important to build multiple farms for growing food for the monsters.

In the game, you can grow three unusual types of food – Blue Lizard’s Tail, Sea Grapes, and Sweet Pepper. Each food will take varied amount of time to grow and will make you earn Food Points otherwise consider trying monster legends cheats. When the growing time for a food type takes more time, then you will earn more Food Points.

It is recommended to build at least three farms for growing three types of food. Keep growing food, collect them when ready, and then feed them to the monsters. Once you reach Level 10, ensure that you keep upgrading your farms because this will enable you to raise the maximum limit of farming.

Tips For Monster Breeding:

Creating powerful creatures is important to survive in the game. So, you need to learn some tactics of breeding these monsters. The most vital tip is that you should build all four basic habitats. These habitats consist of Fire, Earth, Water, and Nature. Among these habitats, Water habitat will be unlocked at Level 10. In each habitat, you can only keep two monsters. However, you can expand the habitat by upgrading it. Another way to keep more monsters is by building more number of habitats.

To increase the number of monsters, you should buy eggs and then hatch them in the hatchery. Ensure that you put the monster in its respective habitat, once the egg is hatched. For breeding monsters, you will require two monsters from different habitats. You can combine the elements of the monsters when you breed. This will enable you to breed innumerable powerful creatures. Ensure that you check the elementary affinities of each monster and then combine the ones that belong to two different elements. This will enable you to create a stronger and powerful monster.


To conclude, the Monster Legends is an addictive game because breeding and raising monsters is fun. Moreover, you need to plan well for breeding the most powerful monster by checking elementary affinities. So, there are high chances of you getting hooked to your screens. The game has received 5 out of 5 stars on the rating card. If you also combine this game with monster legends hack – it’s definitely worth a shot!

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