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TheGamersChallenge.com – Have you ever surprise the way to make some unfair gain towards others players in C.A.T.S. The sport? Looking for C.A.T.S hack? C.A.T.S stands for Crash Action Turbo Stars, and it is one of the most addicting games that you will do that yr. Stop searching – in this article you’ll learn how to cheat C.A.T.S.

C.A.T.S developers have summed game features in four sentences:

  • Collect toolboxes with spare parts and coins in Quick Fights against real players.
  • Combine and upgrade dozens of parts, weapons and gadgets to create an ultimate combat robot.
  • Dominate leaderboard to move into the next stage of the World Championship.
  • Compete against friends and share the best battles!

If you want to know more about the game, you can always go to their website to check latest news. (LINK).
Before we start, you need to install C.A.T.S (I believe that this is already done), and you have to install Game Guardian. We have some articles that covers the basics of using Game Guardian – if you don’t know how to use it, look on this site.

C.A.T.S Hack – Crash Arena Turbo Stars cheating with Game Guardian

In this tutorial you will learn how to find the values for health – HP, and how to win almost every match.
On the end of the article, there will be video where you can see all this in real-time.

  • Start the game, and open Game Guardian. On the main screen, click on Quick Fight.
  • Don’t click on “TAP TO WATCH” yet. On the top of the screen, read your HP.
  • Open Game Guardian. Select process C.A.T.S, and start new scan.
    Choose Known (exact) search. In value box write HP (health), and as Type choose float.
  • After scan is done, you should have about 200-300 values left. Put some huge number instead, and you are ready to fight.
  • Profit!

Update [February 2018]

We are aware that this method is patched with the last update. But cry no more! Here is new method for newest version of C.A.T.S.
Play the game your way.

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